How Long Can Raw Chicken Sit Out?

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Chicken is the most used meat in cuisines and can be easily replaced by other meats because of many Benefits. It is healthier than red meat as it contains less cholesterol. Patients with cardiovascular disorders can easily add chicken to their diet to fulfil their protein intake. Moreover, it is cost-effective as farming chickens is easier than farming mammals.

Another important aspect of using chicken is that there are unlimited recipes available in which you can use chicken and make the most out of your time and efforts. Raw chicken is more prone to get spoiled, and you should put it into the refrigerator immediately after bringing it. The following section discusses all the details regarding how long it sits out.

How Long Can Raw Chicken Sit Out?

If you have bought raw chicken and now you wonder how long it can remain stable at room temperature, it is better to put it in the refrigerator. It is because raw chicken spoils more quickly than cooked or boiled one.

Raw chicken can remain stable for 2 hours at room temperature in hot weather. If the room temperature is between 35 to 40 0C, it can start to spoil within an hour. In contrast, if the weather is cold and room temperature is below 250C, then it can remain stable for 3 hours approximately.

What Happens if Raw Chicken Sits Out Too Long?

If raw chicken is not stored in the refrigerator or freezer, the decaying process becomes faster, and bacteria will start to grow in it, and after some time, your chicken will be completely rotten and become inedible.

You should always check it before using it as an ingredient by sniffing it. If there is bad smell, it is better not to use it. Always keep raw chicken refrigerated to avoid spoilage. It is best to put it into the bowl and make sure to cover it with some thin plastic sheet to preserve its tenderness.

What Should You Do If Raw Chicken Is Left Out Too Long?

As mentioned above, raw chicken is more likely to get spoiled if stored outside for a long time. You can look for visible signs like pungent smell, darkening of color, or wrinkly texture to check whether it is edible or not. If you notice any one of the signs mentioned above, you should not use it.

How Long Can Raw Chicken Be In The Car For?

Raw chicken remains good at room temperature for not more than 2 hours. If there is hot weather, then the temperature inside your car will also be high, and it will not be a good place to store your chicken, and it will decay within 1-2 hours.

In cold weather, there is still a chance that your chicken will remain stable for at least 2 hours inside your car. But it is advised to always check the spoilage signs before using it.

Does Raw Chicken Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Yes, raw chicken can be spoiled more quickly if not stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Always try to store it in a cool place like a refrigerator. Even in the refrigerator, you can only preserve it for 2 days. The best option to store your raw chicken is a freezer, and there it will remain stable for more than 3 months.

Do Raw Chicken Go Bad If You Lose Power?

It depends on the duration of the power outage. If you have stored raw chicken in the refrigerator, there are more chances that it will decay within 2-3 hours if power is not restored.

In the freezer, it will remain good for 12 hours easily, but after that, you will need to check the temperature inside your freezer by using the thermometer. If the temperature is between 0 to 5 0C, you can keep it there for a little longer.

What Temperature Is Safe For Raw Chicken?

Raw chicken is best stored at temperatures between -5 to 00C, available inside the freezer. But the temperature inside the refrigerator is also safe for your chicken to be stored. It is just that it remains stable for a long time at a lower temperature compared to the other way around.

If raw chicken is stored at room temperature in hot weather, it will increase the decaying process. In addition, bacterial growth will be faster, and you cannot consume it any further.