How Long Can Pudding Sit Out?

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Pudding, in simple words, is referred to as a dessert. The ingredients generally used to prepare puddings are eggs, sweetener, milk and flour; apart from these ingredients, your pudding can also contain several flavors that suit your taste. Most people enjoy fruit puddings such as banana pudding or mango pudding.

A rich and sweet taste with a soft texture makes pudding a perfect dessert to enjoy after dinner or for a snack. Four types of pudding include steamed, baked, boiled and chilled puddings. The earliest puddings consisted of breadcrumbs and cereals by stuffing them in sausage skin or a pastry. It is safe to assume that pudding is similar to custard because cheesecakes and pudding cakes are baked eggs.

How Long Can Pudding Sit Out?

Do you enjoy eating pudding? Then you wouldn’t want your favorite pudding to go bad just because you let it sit out for too long. Store-bought puddings have a best-by date, and if stored properly, your pudding might last a few weeks beyond the mentioned date.

If you have any leftovers for homemade and bread pudding, do not let them sit on the counter for more than two to three hours. In the pudding, the perishable ingredients such as milk and eggs cannot bear environmental heat for long and might spoil if exposed to such a climate.

What Happens if Pudding Sits Out Too Long? 

Different types of pudding have a different period after which they start to turn bad. Store-bought pudding, if bought from a refrigerated section, needs to sit in the refrigerator at all times. Leaving it out for more than 2 hours can promote bacterial growth due to eggs and milk. 

If you have bought pudding from the shelf, it can sit at room temperature until the date mentioned on it, but make sure to keep it away from heat. Homemade pudding and other store-bought puddings can grow mold on it and even appear sticky and slimy when sat out for too long.

What Should You Do If Pudding Is Left Out Too Long? 

Are you confused whether the pudding that has been sitting on the counter for quite some time is safe to eat? If your pudding looks fine without any mold and the texture still looks fine as it was before, then you can taste it for further assurance. If it tastes the same, then it’s fine to consume.

However, if you have left pudding out overnight, you might have to discard it. Sometimes you might notice a watery texture in your pudding; it means the liquid has separated from other ingredients, and the pudding has gone bitter. In this case, you should not consume it.

How Long Can Pudding Be In The Car For? 

When going on a picnic or for a gathering, it is always a good idea to take something sweet, whether to satisfy your craving or to share with family and friends. The pudding should not stay in the car for more than two hours to maintain its rich taste.

If you leave it in your car, make sure to keep it away from sunlight and other heat sources. Store-bought puddings can stay for up to three hours in your car, but any time after that, it can start turning bad. 

Does Pudding Go Bad If Not Refrigerated? 

Pudding made from perishable ingredients such as eggs and milk will go bad quickly compared to jelly puddings that are mostly water-based and do not contain milk. If you have bought packaged pudding from the refrigerator section, it will go bad if not refrigerated.

Does Pudding Go Bad If You Lose Power? 

When it comes to power outages, the most concerning thought is about the items preserved in the refrigerator because the refrigerator loses its cooling as more time passes. Chilled pudding can go bad after more than two hours of a power outage. The packaged pudding which does not require refrigeration will get no harm done.

Homemade pudding will quickly spoil if the power goes out, as frequent temperature changes will make its ingredients spoil quicker. It is recommended to consume it rather than sit in the refrigerator.

What Temperature Is Safe For Pudding? 

Shelf stable packaged pudding can stay at normal temperature when stored away from sunlight and heat sources. Chilled pudding and homemade pudding will stay safe for three to four days when stored below 4 degrees Fahrenheit inside the refrigerator. This temperature is also suitable for fruit puddings as well as jelly puddings.