How Long Can Pepperoni Sit Out And Does It Go Bad?

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Pepperoni is like an American version of salami, made from either ground pork or beef or a mixture of the two. The addition of paprika gives the ground meat a deep red tint; some aromatics and garlic are also done to enhance the flavor. This mixture is left to dry for a few days and then smoked. After implementing this process, the water is lost, and the meat is mildly fermented, resulting in a chewy and dense texture that adds a marvelous taste to the dishes.

Pepperoni is limited to pizza; people nowadays use it in other recipes such as rice and pasta, which makes a tremendous combination. This article will cover some useful tips that will come in handy when dealing with pepperoni.

How Long Can Pepperoni Sit Out?

One thing that might come to your mind while handling pepperoni is how long it will be able to sit at room temperature. This depends on the type of pepperoni you have bought and from which section it has been picked.

Pepperoni sticks that are dry and sold unrefrigerated can sit out at room temperature as long as the best by date says. If no date is mentioned, it can sit for at least a month if properly stored. Sliced pepperoni, usually sold refrigerated, cannot sit at room temperature for more than two hours. This does not apply to only pepperonis but also your favorite pepperoni pizza.

What Happens If Pepperoni Sits Out Too Long?

Pepperoni is preserved with nitrates and salts before it is packed, elongating its shelf life. Therefore, if handled properly, you will not have to worry about going bad. If you leave sliced pepperoni or an opened pepperoni stick at the counter for more than 2 hours, you might have to check if it is still edible.

Since the pepperoni is made of fatty parts of meat, it turns sticky or slimy as fat breaks down. Dark brown or grayish spots might appear on the pepperoni, which indicates it has spoiled. Therefore, avoid letting pepperoni sit at room temperature for too long.

What Should You Do If Pepperoni Is Left Out Too Long?

It is always dangerous to consume meat that has been exposed to the harsh climate for too long. You might wonder if eating pepperoni that has sat out too long will make you sick. The answer is yes. If your pepperoni slices of pepperoni pizza have sat out for too long, you should dispose of them to avoid food poisoning and food-borne illnesses.

It is better to be safe than regret later; hence, keep your pepperoni in the refrigerator when not in use.

How Long Can Pepperoni Be In The Car For? 

Pepperoni pizza is everyone’s favorite, and most people prefer takeaways instead of dining in. There is a particular time your pepperoni pizza or just pepperoni can sit in the car. After that particular time, it will begin to go bad.

Mark the time of two hours for your safety and the safety of your food. Do not let pepperoni sit in the car for more than two hours. If you have dry and unrefrigerated sticks of pepperoni in your car, they might last longer, even inside the car.

Does Pepperoni Go Bad If Not Refrigerated? 

Opened packs of pepperoni and sliced, refrigerated pepperoni will most certainly go bad if not kept in the refrigerator at all times. You can only leave these types of pepperoni for a maximum of two hours outside the refrigerator. However, a dry and unrefrigerated sealed pack of pepperoni does not need to be refrigerated until it is kept sealed.

Does Pepperoni Go Bad If You Lose Power? 

A power cut is something that is not in your hands; no matter how much you want the power back, you cannot do anything but wait for the power outage to be over. Most of the items in your refrigerator during this period can begin turning bad if you have a long power outage of 4 hours or more.

The same goes with pepperoni, as it is made from meat and needs to be refrigerated; it can go bad once the fridge starts losing its cooling. You can transfer your pepperoni to the freezer when power is out to maintain its temperature and then keep it back inside the refrigerator after the power is back on. 

What Temperature Is Safe For Pepperoni? 

The safe temperature for pepperoni to sit at is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to keep your favorite pepperoni and pepperoni pizza in the refrigerator at all times to enjoy it until the last bite.

How to store Pepperoni

As we mentioned earlier, Pepperoni is a type of cured meat in the shape of a sausage. Still, a little larger, this product has become popular in the use of pizza, sandwiches, and spaghetti because its flavor mixes very well with them and perfectly accompanied by some cheeses such as mozzarella, thus creating some of the favorite dishes of popular culture.

Even though Pepperoni is salty and has some preservatives that allow it to last a little longer, you must know how to store it properly to prevent it from deteriorating or spoiling. Don’t worry because the procedures for keeping the Pepperoni in storage are simple, and you won’t have to perform any complicated feats.

To begin with, when you get your whole piece of Pepperoni, you will notice that it is sealed in its packaging, and due to its salty components and some preservative additives do not need any special care, so you can leave the piece at room temperature somewhere that is dark, dry and cool. In general, a pantry is usually a place that covers all the requirements that a food such as Pepperoni may have, so do not hesitate to use it to store it.

Once you open the pepperoni packaging, things change. The Pepperoni will expose its content directly to the air, and to avoid contact with any pollutant, we recommend that you seal the opening. You can use aluminum foil or some plastic wrap to cover the area that has been opened, and you can use a rubber band to improvise a snap seal.

Although you don’t need to keep your Pepperoni refrigerated, doing so can significantly extend the time it stays fresh after opening its packaging. In case you do not have enough space in your refrigerator, you can chop the Pepperoni into slices and store it in a freezer bag or an airtight container to accommodate it and that it fits better.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Suppose you have bought a very large piece of Pepperoni or many more than those you thought to use. In that case, you may be interested in looking for an option to preserve them for the long term, luckily freezing the Pepperoni is a method that you can apply and that will be effective. To extend the time you can consume it. It is necessary to emphasize that when you freeze the Pepperoni, its texture may be affected after defrosting it.

The process of freezing the Pepperoni is practically the same as when you want to refrigerate it. All you have to do is place the Pepperoni in a cooler bag, get as much air out of it as possible, and seal it. If the Pepperoni is a lot or is very large, you can slice it into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. Once you have completed all the preparations, it will be ready for the freezing temperatures.

How Long Does Pepperoni Last

Pepperoni is a piece of meat with a relatively short duration even though it has components and elements that act to prolong the period in which it can be consumed, such as salt and some preservatives. Due to this reason, we recommend that once you buy your piece of Pepperoni, you consume it as quickly as possible.

Indicating an exact term for the pepperoni pieces’ duration is very difficult, if not impossible because the different manufacturers of this cured meat usually use different recipes to make them, making each piece different according to your brand.

Despite the above, the different Pepperoni brands have in common that they add labels to the outside of the Pepperoni with a period in which its best quality is guaranteed. It is also recommended that you consume it. But don’t worry, Pepperoni will remain completely safe to consume for a while after the deadline time has passed.

In summary, it can be said that a pepperoni can last as long as its label indicates at room temperature if it has not been opened; a month can be added if it is kept refrigerated. Once you open the Pepperoni piece, it can last refrigerated for between a week and three depending on its quality and that you have followed all the storage instructions. In the case of sliced ​​Pepperoni, it will last a week, refrigerated, and around three months frozen.

How to Tell If Pepperoni Is Bad

Although Pepperoni has properties that allow it to be preserved for some time, this does not mean that it cannot spoil. That is why you should be careful, and you should check it before consuming it to avoid any case of intoxication from ingesting spoiled food.

As for the signs that may indicate that the Pepperoni is in poor condition, you should look at its texture (it may be slimy or sticky), its smell (it may smell rancid due to the oils it has or even rotten), and also if it shows discoloration.

If your Pepperoni does not have any of the characteristics mentioned above, it is most likely that it is in good condition, and you can use it to prepare any dish you like.