How Long Can Lemonade Sit Out?

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What’s better than freshly prepared lemonade in the extreme summer to cool down your thirst? Lemonade is amongst the most refreshing drinks all around the world. People love to drink it, especially in summers when the sun is full form.

Besides cooling down your thirst, lemonade is full of vitamin C. It is also best to promote hydration. In summers, people usually prepare this drink in excess. They may wonder after that whether lemonade can stay good at room temperature or not? Read this article to get your queries solved.

How Long Can Lemonade Sit Out?

Some people have store-bought lemonade at their homes, and some people prefer to prepare lemonade themselves. Remember that every store-bought lemonade pack will have an expiration date on them. The freshly squeezed lemonades will last for only 2 hours on your kitchen counter.

Unopened packets of lemonades will stay good at room temperature in your pantry till their expiration dates. Opened packets will also remain good for at least 12 hours at room temperature. The reason is that store-bought lemonades are preserved. They have certain chemicals inside that inhibits bacterial growth.

What Happens If Lemonade Sits Out Too Long?

If the homemade freshly prepared lemonade has been placed outside for more than 2 to 3 hours, it will certainly go bad. Mostly lemonades is a summer drink. And if you will leave the lemonade in a hot environment, many harmful bacteria will start growing on it rapidly.

Mold growth on the lemonades is also very common if left out at hot temperatures. If we talk about store-bought lemonade, they will remain good as long as their due date. If the packets are opened, they will stay good for a maximum of 12 hours. After that, you will have to discard them.

How Long Can Lemonade Be In The Car For?

Suppose you have bought some lemonade packets for your kids to not get dehydrated at school. You can expect them to leave their lemonades in the car. You might wonder whether the lemonade will stay in its best quality or not?

Store-bought unopened lemonade packets will stay good in the car. Besides, they are kept in the direct harsh sunlight. Homemade lemonade might have gone bad if kept in any bottle in the car for more than 2 hours. Also, the cars become extremely hot in summers that are not good for perishable products.

What Should You Do If Lemonade Is Left Out Too Long?

The lemonade prepared from fresh lemon juice at home will surely go bad if left out too long. The bacterial growth on perishable products like lemonade is very common. Homemade lemonade is mostly prepared by using lemon squeezers. This whole process also involves bacterial exposure.

In this way, the homemade lemonade catches more bacteria rapidly if left at room temperature. The store-bought lemonades are preserved. That’s why they don’t catch bacteria even at room temperature. So, if homemade or opened lemonade packets are left out for long, you will have to discard them.

Does Lemonade Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Sealed packets of lemonade will remain in their best quality in your pantry at room temperature. You don’t have to refrigerate them. When it comes to fresh lemonade, you will have to refrigerate it to make it stay good. It will go bad after 2 hours at room temperature.

For a better experience, try the best electric citrus juicers to prepare lemonades at home. This will decrease the chances of bacterial exposure to lemonade because your hand will be used less.

Does Lemonade Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Your refrigerated lemonade might go bad after 5 to 6 hours if you lose power. The refrigerators maintain their temperature for at least this period, even in power loss. This period may vary in different refrigerators.

After this period, if the power does not recover, you will have to discard the lemonade. To avoid discarding, serve the lemonade to yourself in the best glasses and enjoy the lemonade by adding some ice to it.

What Temperature Is Safe for Lemonade?

You can keep your store-bought lemonade at room temperature without any hesitation. The lemonade will remain good until it interacts with extreme hit temperature or your kitchen stove etc.

You will have to store your homemade lemonade below 40 degrees of Fahrenheit for best quality. In this way, the lemonade will remain in tis best quality for a week.