How Long Can Kombucha Sit Out?

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Everyone of us has a favourite drink or beverage that we drink multiple times a day. Most people consume these drinks for their health benefits. Kombucha is one such drink. However, people are usually confused on how to manage the storage of drinks like Kombucha.

This article will focus on discussing the freshness of Kombucha outside the refrigerator.

How Long Can Kombucha Sit Out?

Fermented drinks like Kombucha remain fresh outside the refrigerator for many hours. Kombucha remains fresh and usable outside the refrigerator for a long time.  To be precise, your Kombucha will still have its natural freshness and taste within 48 hours outside the fridge.

Leaving out your Kombucha for longer than 48 hours can change its natural attributes at room temperature. You might want to check out these classy, whistling tea kettles for brewing a perfect kombucha. 

What Happens if Kombucha Is Out Too Long?

If your Kombucha has been left out for too long, then it is not good news for you.  Your Kombucha will stay fresh and safe for 48 hours at normal temperature. If it is left out longer than 48 hours, it loses its natural touch at room temperature.

Kombucha tastes best when it is consumed fresh. When your Kombucha is left out too long, it loses its natural taste, freshness and colour. Your Kombucha develops a vinegary taste and becomes unpleasant if left out for long.

You can reheat your left out Kombucha using these classic teapot warmers.

What Should You Do If Kombucha Is Left Out Too Long?

There is a high probability that your Kombucha has expired if it is left out longer than 48 hours. Kombucha doesn’t get spoiled. However, its taste becomes so unpleasant that it is best not to consume it.

Inspect whether your Kombucha is useable or not if it has been left out for too long. If it has lost its natural taste and texture, it is no longer used. We advise you to discard your Kombucha, which has been left out for too long.

How Long Can Kombucha Be In The Car For?

Your car is not an ideal place for storing food items or drinks. However, in the case of fermented drinks like Kombucha, your car is not the worst place to store your drinks.

Your Kombucha will remain fresh and drinkable for 48 hours. However, if the temperature inside your car is high, your Kombucha will perish quickly. You can use these thermos food jars to keep your Kombucha fresh for a long time, inside your car or generally.

Does Kombucha Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Your Kombucha doesn’t need to spoil if it is not refrigerated. The freshness of your Kombucha outside the refrigerator depends on how long it has been left out. Your Kombucha will be fresh if it is left out for a short time, but it will not be useable if it is left out for long.

If your Kombucha is out for less than 48 hours, you can reheat your Kombucha and consume it. However, if your Kombucha sits out longer than 48 hours, there are chances that it might become unusable.

Does Kombucha Go Bad If You Lose Power?

The freshness of your Kombucha is affected by how long the power has been out. Your Kombucha will not spoil instantly. However, if the power is out for a long time, your Kombucha might become unusable.

Your Kombucha will remain fresh and usable for 48 hours outside the refrigerator. However, if the power is out for more than 48 hours, then your Kombucha might expire. You can use these beverage coolers instead of a refrigerator to keep your Kombucha fresh for a long.

What Temperature Is Safe For Kombucha?

Kombucha stays fresh for long at low temperatures. Your refrigerator or beverage coolers can provide such low temperatures, which will keep your Kombucha fresh for a long time. The safe temperature for storing your Kombucha is less than 400F.

Storing Kombucha at higher temperatures reduces its freshness considerably. If Kombucha is stored at room temperature for a long time, it starts fermenting. This fermenting results in the loss of natural attributes, like aroma, taste, smell, texture of your Kombucha.

If you plan on consuming your Kombucha shortly, then your room temperature is fine for it. However, if you plan to consume your Kombucha later, put it in your refrigerator to remain fresh for a long time.