How Long Can Grilled Chicken Sit Out?

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Barbecue chicken, also known as grilled chicken, can be prepared in many different ways, but the most common are grilling and smoking. The meat from its entire body or individual parts will be cooked on an open flame until it’s tender enough for consumption. You can add several seasonings such as salt, pepper-sugar based spice rubs that have been applied beforehand.

Sweet sauces like tomato ketchup mixed may also be colored pink using food coloring/starch mixture then stirring well before applying directly onto meats surface while hot. While your taste buds enjoy the zest of perfectly grilled chicken, you might be wondering that how long can your grilled chicken sit out. Learn more about it by continuing to read this article.

How Long Can Grilled Chicken Sit Out?

The bacteria that live in your refrigerator can cause serious food poisoning if left out for too long. You should always remove any grilled meat from the fridge with an hour exceeding 90° F.

On the other hand, it is best not to leave them at room temperature for longer than 2 hours due to a significantly increased risk of illness caused by harmful microbes.

What Happens if Grilled Chicken Sits Out Too Long?

The chicken needs to be cooked at high enough temperatures for 90 seconds or less. First of all, make sure that you cook meat properly; it needs to be stored at a moderate temperature. If you keep the meat above 140° F long enough (or after 2 hours of grilling it), then there will be more chance that microbes can grow and cause illness.

So, make sure that any raw food doesn’t enter this danger zone by refrigerating them once they’ve been cooked.

What Should You Do If Grilled Chicken Is Left Out Too Long?

If your Grilled Chicken Is Left Out for a Long period, then there is a firm chance that this chicken will get spoiled. The longer you leave your grilled chicken out, the greater chance it will spoil. If there are signs that this has happened, like strong-smelling meat or yellowing flesh on its body, do not eat them as they can cause illness.

How Long Can Grilled Chicken Be In The Car For?

Before bacteria can make us sick, they need to be in the danger zone (between 40- and 140-degrees F) for four hours. Bacterial growth doesn’t happen until food’s temperature drops below 140, then slowly reaching 70°

Bugs like salmonella enter at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit while molds grow best between room temps of 80 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So once the grilled chicken is kept in a hot car for more than four hours, it becomes unsafe to eat.

Does Grilled Chicken Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Always remember that you should not consume food, such as chicken left out unrefrigerated. The bacteria count increase significantly after one hour of exposure and make your grilled chicken bad; thus, consuming this can make anyone sick.

So, to avoid disappointment in the future, just remember: refrigerate all leftovers within 2 hours or 1hour if outdoor temperatures are higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do Grilled Chicken Go Bad If You Lose Power?

When power is interrupted, food begins to spoil. If you have a fridge containing perishable goods like meat or dairy products, it should be checked for any signs of deterioration after an interruption such as this one. Because if the temperature starts dropping below 90 F, the grilled chicken starts producing harmful bacteria in it.

So, the normal time the grilled chicken will reach its dangerous temperature in the refrigerator that is running at 5 degrees (which is the general temperature) is almost 6 hours.  But if the grilled chicken is frozen, then the time may vary, and your chicken will not go bad until almost 20 hours, depending on the condition of your refrigerator.

What Temperature Is Safe For Grilled Chicken?

Cooling down leftovers is essential to keep them safe. After cooking, allow the chicken or turkey to cool for two hours before wrapping it well and placing it on top of your fridge’s highest shelf where they will stay fresh for up to two days.

The ideal temperature range for cooking meat (especially white meats like chickens) in order not to damage its nutrients and enzymes content inside; between 40°F – 140 ° F degrees Fahrenheit should be fine during this process