How Long Can Greek Yoghurt Sit Out?

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It is always delightful to eat Greek yoghurt with your meals. Besides its nutritional benefits, it always gives people a soothing and lovely taste. The creamy and soft texture of the Greek yoghurt seems so good that people love to eat it.

Greek yoghurt and regular yoghurt have the same ingredients. The only difference between both is that Greek yoghurt is in a strained form and thicker texture. The shelf life of the yoghurt outside the refrigerator is less as dairy products go bad if not refrigerated.

How Long Can Greek Yoghurt Sit Out?

As mentioned above, the counter life of Greek yoghurt is very short because dairy products only stay good inside the refrigerator. Yoghurt is a must-have in most households. So, people having this in-stock may concern about whether they can keep the yoghurt at room temperature or not.

As we know that yoghurts are already full of bacteria. So, if we leave it out in a hot environment, many harmful bacteria may grow on it. The Greek yoghurt can stay good for about 2 to 3 hours outside. As time passes, the chances of spoilage of yoghurt increase.

What Happens If Greek Yoghurt Sits Out Too Long?

If Greek yoghurt sits out for too long, there are large chances of spoilage. The bacterial growth increases if left out in a hot environment. If the outer temperature is low, then the lasting time will increase compared to a warm environment.

The appearance of the Greek yoghurt may change if it gets spoiled. Mold and curdling may start to appear on the yoghurt.

How Long Can Greek Yoghurt Be In The Car For?

If you want to feed yummy Greek yoghurt to your babies in a long drive, you must be worried about its quality. The Greek yoghurt will stay good to eat for 2 to 3 hours and even more if the weather is moderate. The only chance of it going bad is if the environment is extremely hot.

For the safe side, you can keep ice bags and travelling coolers with you along with the yoghurts to be tension free.

What Should You Do If Greek Yogurt Is Left Out Too Long?

If Greek yoghurt is left out for too long but still seems good to eat, then you can re-refrigerate it. If it has gone bad, and the texture does not seem good to eat, you must toss it out. To check for any sign of extra curdling, use the best silicone spatulas in case.

It depends on the condition of the yoghurt, i.e. if it’s good, then there is no need to waste it. You can use it in your meals or raw form. If only a little curdling has started, you can still mix it well and refrigerate it for later use.

Does Greek Yogurt Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Greek yoghurt will definitely go bad if not refrigerated for too long. Dairy products go bad very quickly in hot temperatures. Even if the yoghurts are sealed, the hot temperature will make them go sour. The bacterial content is already in excess in the yoghurt. So, the hot environment will help more bacteria to take over the product.

To keep yoghurt away from external bacteria, you can use some best glass food storage containers. Tightly cover them with silicon lids, and the shelf life may extend a little bit in that case.

Does Greek Yogurt Go Bad If You Lose Power?

In case you lose power in your home, you can store your yoghurt in such a way that it does not meet any unfavourable conditions. Unfavourable conditions like hot temperatures can make the yoghurt go bad certainly.  

What you have to do is to pack your Greek yoghurts in some airtight containers and place them in the pantry. The pantry section is cold as compared to other parts of the kitchen. You can also place some ice bags near the yoghurt to give them a little cooling effect.

What Temperature Is Safe for Greek Yogurt?

The best temperature to store Greek yoghurt is 40 degrees F. You can keep it under this temperature too, if possible. The yoghurt will remain in its best state under these conditions. The shelf life of Greek yoghurt under this temperature is 10 to 14 days.

You can also use the best yoghurt makers to make the luscious yoghurt and store it in the refrigerator for later use.