How Long Can Goat Cheese Sit Out

How Long Can Goat Cheese Sit Out?

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Goat Cheese has been used in a variety of dishes.  Like any other type of cheese, the presence of Goat Cheese enhances the flavor and taste of a meal. 

However, in this article, we know how long Goat Cheese can sit out?

How Long Can Goat Cheese Sit Out?

Goat Cheese has a short shelf life.  It goes bad quickly at room temperature.  It is advised not to keep your Goat Cheese out for long.  The freshness of Goat Cheese outside the refrigerator depends on its state.  Likewise, its freshness is also affected by the room temperature.

If your Goat Cheese is in soft form, it can stay out for 2-4 hours.  However, hard and aged Goat Cheese can stay fresh for 8-10 hours.  You can check.  You might want to check out these Cheese Knife sets to upgrade your kitchen skills.

What Happens if Goat Cheese Is Out Too Long?

Sitting out too long is not good for your Goat Cheese.  Its freshness starts diminishing if it is left out too long.  But what happens if your Goat Cheese is left out too long?

Do not leave your Goat Cheese unattended at room temperature for long.  Bacterial activity will start inside your Goat Cheese at room temperature.  Slowly but surely, bacteria will occupy and spoil your Goat Cheese.  We recommend you store your Goat Cheese inside your refrigerator.

What Should You Do If Goat Cheese Is Left Out Too Long?

If your goat cheese has been left out, too, it is not good news.  Left out cheese and other dairy products are easy prey for bacteria.  There is a high chance that your Goat Cheese has already spoiled if it has been left out for long.

You should inspect if your Goat Cheese has gone bad or not.  But how can one tell if the Goat Cheese has gone bad or not?  If your cheese smells different and has molds on its surface, it may have gone bad.

It is recommended not to use spoiled Goat Cheese.  Having trouble grating your Goat Cheese?  You might as well check these best Cheese Graters.

How Long Can Goat Cheese Be In The Car For?

Cars are usually hot and humid.  Cars are not the ideal place to put your dairy products for a long time.  Your Goat Cheese is bound to go bad if placed for long inside your car.

Soft cheese can remain inside your car for 1-2 hours.  However, hard cheese can stay inside your car for 2-3 hours.  Keeping your cheese inside your car for long will spoil it.  If your Goat Cheese is spoiled, do not use it and discard it.

Does Goat Cheese Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

The shelf life of Goat Cheese is short, and it is best to refrigerate it.  The refrigerator provides an ideal temperature for your Goat Cheese, which remains fresh for a long.  But does Goat Cheese go bad if not refrigerated?

Well, whether your Goat Cheese goes bad, if not refrigerated, depends on how long it has been out of the refrigerator.  If your Goat Cheese has been out for a short time, it will remain fresh.  However, if it has been out for long, it will go bad eventually.

Does Goat Cheese Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Refrigerators operate due to electrical power.  No power means no refrigerator.  But does your Goat Cheese go bad if you lose power?  Well, if the power is out for a short while, your Goat Cheese will remain unharmed.  However, if the power is out for a long time, it might go bad.

Soft Goat Cheese can remain fresh for 2-4 hours without refrigerating.  Similarly, hard and aged Goat Cheese will remain fresh for 8-10 hours.  Tired of grinding your Goat cheese against the grinder?  You might as well check the Best Rotary Cheese Grater.

What Temperature Is Safe For Goat Cheese?

Dairy products remain the freshest at lower temperatures.  Your Goat Cheese will remain fresh for a long at lower temperatures.  But what makes your Goat Cheese stay fresh at a lower temperature?

Lower temperatures will slow down the bacterial activity inside your Goat Cheese.  Little bacterial influence means your Goat Cheese will remain fresh for long.  On the other hand, High temperature increases the bacterial activity in your dairy products.

The ideal temperature to store your Goat cheese is 400F.  Make sure the storage temperature of your Goat Cheese does not exceed 900F, or it will spoil.