How Long Can Fried Chicken Sit Out?

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The best thing about fried chicken is how piping-hot and crispy it tastes. You can never get enough of the hot, crunchy tenders that slide off the bone with each bite into your mouth like silk!

It’s a question we all ask at some point. Whether you cook your own fried chicken or buy it from any restaurant, several factors can affect how long it will stay fresh before eating. For example, the type of oil used (some oils absorb moisture more than others), cooking duration, what else is stored near food and the like.

Continue reading this article to know how long can fried chicken sit out.

How Long Can Fried Chicken Sit Out?

Raw chicken has different sit-out timing, while cooked chicken or fried chicken have their own storage time. You can easily freeze raw chicken and consume it after defrosting without changing its taste. In contrast, fried or cooked chicken cannot remain delicious if you freeze it for later use.

Therefore, people prefer eating cooked chicken right after it is served. But in some cases, when you are done with your favorite chicken tenders, chicken wings, chicken cutlets or chicken pot pie and want to have it after some time, you might think how long I can store it. Here is the answer, 2 hours is the average time to consume your fried chicken after placing it on the kitchen counter or dining table.

What Happens if Fried Chicken Sits Out Too Long?

The FDA recommends that cooked or fried chicken be stored for more than 2 hours at room temperature or 1 hour over 90° F. The reason is that bacteria quickly grow when heated between 40- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Such type of chicken is not safe to eat and should be discarded immediately!

If you’re planning on cooking chicken, the meat must be cooked right away. Else it will spoil faster, and your guests might get an unpleasant surprise when they cut into their meal. Eating fried chicken sitting out for longer than the given duration can lead to several digestive problems.

What Should You Do If Fried Chicken Is Left Out Too Long?

The most favorite food for many people is fried chicken. It’s not only tasty but also very satisfying and easy to make! The best part about the dish? You can coat your pieces in all sorts of spices like cayenne pepper or curry sauce before frying them up so they have an extra special flavor profile that will delight any palate.

However, these spices and toppings taste delicious if you eat the fried chicken right after cooking. It is because fried chicken starts becoming hard after some time and loses its taste. If it is left out for too long, it is better not to eat it.

How Long Can Fried Chicken Be In The Car For?

All of you must have experienced any situation where you have to place the food in the car, i.e., after grocery or while going to the picnic. The key to preventing food spoilage is maintaining the perfect car temperature.

It’s important, especially with cooked chicken and other meats that could spoil quickly in hot weather conditions – make sure you turn on your car AC if needed! For fried chicken, 2-3 hours in the car would suffice. In winters, it will remain good to eat even after 4 hours.

Does Fried Chicken Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Unlike the raw chicken, which is recommended to be used within 1 week of buying, if possible, you should not leave the fried chicken to eat on the next day. It can go bad within a day if not refrigerated.

Do Fried Chicken Go Bad If You Lose Power?

The FDA and USDA have determined that you should throw out perishable foods after two hours at temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.

It’s also a good idea to not open your fridge for as long as you can during a power outage so that the coolness remains.

What Temperature Is Safe For Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is a great way to use up leftovers. The meat quality can be preserved if leftovers are sealed tightly in the fridge. You can store the fried chicken at around 40°F for 2-3 days without worrying about it going bad. However, the sooner you eat, the best it is to enjoy its delicious crispy taste and appetizing aroma!