How Long Does French Onion Dip Last & How Long Can It Sit Out?

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One of the favorite dips to have with any snack is the French Onion Dip, which is full of flavor and doubles the deliciousness of the snacks. It is made of sour cream, mayonnaise, dried onions and some herbs. This dip is so creamy and is the most wanted dip in the parties to enjoy with the snacks.

However, it is important to store this one with proper precautions; otherwise, the dips can go bad. The following article will give you a complete guide to all the French Onion Dip details.

How Long Can French Onion Dip Sit Out?

All the dairy products, such as cheese, cream, mayonnaise etc., cannot sit out for too long if the climate is humid or hot. Therefore, it is best to store such products at a lower temperature to preserve their nutrition, taste, and texture.  

French Onion Dip can sit out for only about 2 – 3 hours at the normal room temperature as recommended by the food safety experts. In some cases, you can also keep the dip out for about 4 hours, but that depends on the types of ingredients used. You can check the package to see the accurate sitting out time for different dips.

What Happens If French Onion Dip Sits Out Too Long?

Since the French Onion Dip is made up of dairy products such as cream, there are chances that it may spoil quickly if left unattended for too long. It is therefore recommended to keep the French Onion Dip in the refrigerator. You need a have a good refrigerator for this purpose.

If the dip is left out for too long, there are chances that the bacteria will attack the dip, and it may go bad. It is not safe the consume such a dip. To have a dip with better taste and flavor, you can check the best French dips to get from the store.

How Long Does French Onion Dip Last in The Car For?

The car’s temperature is a bit warmer than the normal room temperature. Therefore, the maximum time to carry the French Onion Dip in the car is around 2 hours. If you have a journey longer than this temperature, make sure to regulate the car’s temperature that is suitable for the dip.

What Should You Do If French Onion Dip Is Left Out Too Long?

The freshness of any dairy product depends on how you store it. French Onion Dip, for instance, needs to be stored in the refrigerator to preserve the natural flavor of the dip. If the dip is exposed to a higher temperature, you need to check it for spoilage before consuming it.

You can either check the color changes or check if the dip has a rotten smell to see if it is good to consume. Please do not taste the dip as that can make you sick in any bacterial activity.

Does French Onion Dip Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Yes, the French Onion Dip can go bad if not refrigerated. The bacteria which spoil the dip is tasteless and does not contain any odor or visibly change the appearance of the contaminated dip. Hence, if the French Onion Dip has been sitting out for more than 4 hours, it must not be consumed.

How Long Does French Onion Dip Last If You Lose Power?

The temperature of your fridge at the time of power outage is important to consider to tell how long the products in your fridge will remain safe after the power loss. Long power outages such as five to six hours can pose a serious threat to the dairy products preserved in your refrigerator.

French Onion Dip can go bad quickly if the power is out for more than four hours. You can extend the shelf life of the dip for the time being by transferring it to the freezer, which has a lower temperature compared to the refrigerator during power outages.

What Temperature Is Safe for French Onion Dip?

The ideal temperature to keep French Onion Dip fresh is 40 or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Always keep the dip refrigerated, and the leftover dip should also be kept in the refrigerator for prolonged shelf life.