How Long Can Fondant Sit Out?

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Fondant is an edible icing, and it is mostly used for topping cakes and other sweet dishes. It is prepared with the help of sugar, water, gelatin and vegetable fat. It has a creamy taste, and most people take it off the cake while they are eating because they might not like its texture or flavor.

If you also prepare cakes at your home and have bought the fondant for the first time, you must go through this article to know some interesting facts regarding the storage of the fondant.

How Long Can Fondant Sit Out?

The fondant does not have a very long shelf life or a shorter one. It can also retain its peak quality for some weeks at room temperature. But if you cover the fondant well in the aluminum foil or the Food Storage Containers, it may last for one to two months at room temperatures.

You can also keep the fondant in the fridge or the refrigerator, where its shelf life will extend up to three to four months.

What Happens If Fondant Sits Out For Too Long?

Leaving the fondant out for a long time will not affect its quality or texture. It can stay fresh for a long time, especially when covered. If you find a package of old fondant that you had left in your pantry a month ago, then you will notice no change in its quality and texture.

However, if you leave it for a very long time, then it might start to lose its freshness. But most people use the fondant within six months, and if it is not used within this time, it may go bad.

How Long Can Fondant Be In The Car For?

You can take the fondant in your car anywhere as the temperature inside the car is not alarming for the fondants. With a longer lifespan, the shipping of fondant to other places is also easy as it does not require any storage conditions. You can take the closed package in your car without any fear of spoilage.

If the car is air-conditioned, then it will still work for the fondant as it can also last at low temperatures for a longer time.

What Should You Do If Fondant Is Left Out For Too Long?

If you have left the fondant out in the pantry and you find it after a month, you might be worried about its freshness, and you may have confusion in your mind that whether it is okay to use or not. Well, you don’t have to worry at all as the fondant will be fresh and okay to use.

To protect them from spoilage, you can wrap them in the Best Airtight Containers, and you can store them in the Best Undercounter Refrigerators to store them for a long time.

Does Fondant Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

It is up to you to store the fondant in the refrigerator or on the countertop. In both cases, you don’t have to worry as both temperatures are safer for the fondant. You can keep the fondant at room temperature for months, which means that refrigeration of fondant is not that important.

Fondant will not go bad if you keep it in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is there to extend the shelf life of fondant and nothing else.

Does Fondant Go Bad If You Lose Power?

If you have a cake with fondant on it and keep it in the fridge, it may get spoiled on power loss. When a refrigerator shuts downs, its temperature inside starts on decreasing, and a point comes when it becomes equal to the room temperature, the cake cannot last for more than two hours at room temperature, and once it starts spoiling, it will spoil the fondant topped on it as well.

But on the other hand, the power loss will not have a big effect on the package of fondant. It can retain its highest quality and freshness if the temperature changes for a while.

What Temperature Is Safe For The Fondant?

Shelf-stable fondant can last for months, even at high temperatures. So, any temperature below 40 degrees Celsius is best for the fondants. You can keep the fondant below the freezing temperatures in the freezer as well, and it will not affect its quality and freshness.