How Long Can Cooked Turkey Sit Out?

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Holidays or family gatherings are incomplete without a juicy turkey at the dinner table. We know you love tearing it and eating it but have you ever wondered how long your cooked turkey could sit out?

This article will guide you about all that you need to know about the healthy life of your turkey. 

How Long Can Cooked Turkey Sit Out?

If you have just taken out your turkey from the oven, then you should consume it without much delay. A properly cooked turkey has a two-hour life at normal room temperature. After two hours, your cooked turkey will be at the stake of the bacterial invasion.

Time management and planning are important for enjoying your turkey’s natural juice and tastefully. Put your turkey in the oven, and take it out when it is finely cooked. Make sure you slice and feast on your cooked turkey within 15-30 minutes of taking it out of the oven.

What Happens if Cooked Turkey Sits Out Too Long?

There are mainly two things that will happen to your cooked turkey if it sits out too long. I’m sure no one enjoys cold food. Keeping out your cooked turkey for a long time will cool it off. It will reduce the natural taste, flavor and aroma of your turkey. 

Similarly, cooked items are the favorite playground for bacteria. Bacteria will start bulking up in your turkey if your cooked turkey is left out too long. Bacteria will completely occupy your cooked turkey for two hours if left out at normal room temperature.

What Should You Do If Cooked Turkey Is Left Out Too Long?

If your turkey is left out too long, then make sure you follow these steps. Check if there are any streaks or mold on your turkey. After that, check if your turkey gives away any unusual or foul smell. Avoid eating your cooked turkey if it has mold on it or gives away an awful smell.

If bacteria have not ruined your turkey until now, then you can consume it. Please put it in the microwave and heat it for a few minutes. The high temperature of the microwave will kill off any bacteria in your turkey, and it will also make it juicy.

How Long Can Cooked Turkey Be In The Car For?

You have cooked a turkey in your home and want to take it to your relatives? But how long can a cooked turkey survive in your car? We will answer these queries for you.

Just like your room, your car is also not a very trusted place to keep your cooked turkey for a long time. High temperature inside your car will speed up the bacterial invasion, and your turkey will start smelling after an hour and a half.

So, if your relatives live far away, don’t even think about it. Wrapping your cooked turkey in Aluminum foil can keep it fresh longer inside your car.

Does Cooked Turkey Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Refrigerator is the heaven for cooked, as well as uncooked foods. Your turkey may or may not go bad if it is not refrigerated. The life of your cooked turkey outside your fridge depends on how long it has been kept out. 

Your turkey will not go bad for at least two hours after it is cooked, so you don’t have to refrigerate it if you plan on consuming it within two hours. However, if you plan to consume your cooked turkey after 2 hours, you should refrigerate it to keep it healthy and fresh. If you want to cook your turkey properly so that it sits out for long, you can use the turkey fryers.

Do Cook Turkey Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Cooked turkey is best consumed after it has just been cooked. You can use your refrigerator to keep your cooked turkey fresh and healthy for a long time. In case you lose your power for a long, issues might arise.

The refrigerator will stop working if the power is lost. The cooked turkey inside the refrigerator will go bad if the power is gone for too long. However, for short power losses, a good refridgerator will keep your cooked turkey fresh and juicy for you to consume later on. 

What Temperature Is Safe For Cooked Turkey?

When your turkey is inside the oven, a temperature of 165 Fahrenheit will kill the majority of the bacterias in the meat. When your turkey is cooked, the temperature of the storage medium of your turkey will also affect its freshness.

Room temperature is safe for your turkey but only for about two hours. The refrigerator provides an ideal temperature of below 40 Fahrenheit, which will keep your turkey fresh for a longer period.