How Long Can Cheese Sticks Sit Out?

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Cheese Sticks are long sticks made up of mozzarella or cheese, and this type of cheese is known as string cheese. It is not soft like other cheese and is generally a solid cheese rod. These sticks are mostly fried, and they are not used in dishes like other cheeses.

If you have not tried cheese sticks before and you are looking for some helpful information about the cheese sticks, then you are at the right spot. Read this article till the end to gain some knowledge about cheese sticks.

How Long Can Cheese Sticks Sit Out?

Like mozzarella cheese and other types of cheese, the shelf life of cheese sticks is not long. It comes in sealed packages, and the expiry date is labeled. If you keep them at room temperature, they will not last for more than four hours.

The reason that cheese sticks cannot stay fresh for more than fours hours at higher temperatures is that, at high temperatures, the bacteria grows very rapidly, and if you leave the cheese sticks at room temperature for more than three hours, the bacteria will start growing and will destroy the freshness of cheese sticks.

What Happens If Cheese Sticks Are Left Out For Too Long?

Cheese sticks can stay fresh for some time if left out only if the temperature of the surroundings is cold, and it is only possible if you live in the colder regions. But if you are living in the hotter regions, then you should never leave the cheese sticks out for too long.

If left out, the fast bacterial growth at high temperatures will not allow the cheese sticks to stay fresh for more than three hours.

How Long Can Cheese Sticks Be In The Car For?

Cheese sticks can not stay fresh in the car for more than three hours if the car is not air-conditioned. When cheese sticks are shipped from the warehouses to the stores in every country, they are taken in air-conditioned cars that can last for months. But if the car is not air-conditioned, the cheese sticks can only stay fresh for three to four hours.

You can take the cheese sticks with you in the car if you are going somewhere near but try to avoid taking them with you if your destination is long.

What Should You Do If Cheese Sticks Are Left Out For Too Long?

There are some signs of spoilage that appear when the cheese sticks go bad. Bacterial growth and the formation of dark spots on the surface of sticks are the most common signs of spoilage, and they appear when the sticks are left out for too long at high temperatures.

If you leave your cheese sticks on the countertop and forget to store them back in the fridge, you must check the signs of spoilage. If you notice any, you must discard the sticks at once, but if you don’t see any signs of spoilage, then you should transfer the cheese sticks to the Best Outdoor Refrigerator.

Do Cheese Sticks Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Cheese sticks can go bad very quickly if you do not store them in the Best Undercounter Refrigerators, as they have a very short lifespan at room temperatures. So, you should never leave the cheese sticks at room temperature after using them.

You can use the Best Airtight Containers to protect the cheese sticks from the odors of other food items before storing them in the refrigerators.

Do Cheese Sticks Go Bad If You Lose Power?

If you have stored the cheese sticks in the refrigerator and suddenly shut off due to the power loss, you don’t need to worry much as the cheese sticks can stay fresh for some time in the refrigerator even after the power loss. The temperature inside the refrigerator remains cool for some time even after it shuts down only if the door remains close.

So, whenever you lose power, you should never open the refrigerator door in which you have stored the cheese sticks; otherwise, the refrigerator’s cooling will be lost, and it will start affecting the quality of your cheese sticks. If you lose power for a long time, you must find some other cool places to store the cheese sticks so that they don’t get spoiled. You can use the Food Storage Containers to protect them from spoiling.

What Temperature Is Best For Cheese Sticks?

Hot temperatures are never suitable for cheese sticks, so you should avoid storing them at high temperatures. They can stay fresh for a couple of days at a temperature below 5 degrees. The Best Counter Depth Refrigerators provide such a cool and calm temperature that the cheese sticks can stay fresh for a week in it.