How Long Can Buttercream Sit Out?

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Buttercream or butter frosting is used for filling, decorating and coating the cakes. It is made of butter and sugar, giving it a creamy taste to add a sweet flavour to the cakes. Like other food and bakery items, buttercream can’t sit for long.

To know all about the sitting out of buttercream, check out this article.

How Long Can Buttercream Sit Out?

If we talk about the life span of buttercream, it has an unstable life span as it cannot sit for a long time in any environment. Generally, buttercream can not sit for more than a couple of days at room temperature.

The life span of buttercream depends on the environment you will store it in. A pleasant environment can help the buttercream sit out for an even longer period. You cannot store the buttercream in the fridge for a long time because of its creamy texture. However, if you have plans to use it within a week, it can sit out in the fridge for some days.

What Happens If Buttercream Sits Out Too Long?

As mentioned above, the buttercream cannot sit for a long time at room temperature retaining its quality and freshness; therefore, if you keep it for a long period at room temperature, it might get spoiled. Similarly, if you plan to store the buttercream in the fridge for more than a week, it will end up spoiling its creamy texture.

Moreover, too much high temperature will also affect the quality of buttercream. If too much butter is used in the preparation of buttercream, then it will not sit out for too long at room temperature as it will start melting.   

How Long Can Buttercream Be in The Car For?

Sometimes, the bakery items coated with buttercream or the buttercream itself is shipped from one place to another. So, before shipping the buttercream, you will have to ensure how long buttercream can sit out in a car.

If the region’s temperature is hot, it is not a good option to carry the buttercream in the car, which can take more than three hours to reach the destination. It is because during this time, the high temperature in a closed car will melt the buttercream and go rancid.

Does Buttercream Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Yes, buttercream can go bad very quickly if you will not store it in a pleasant environment. It cannot last for a long time at a hot temperature because of its soft and creamy texture. The life span of buttercream at room temperature depends on the temperature of your surroundings.

If you live in cold regions, then your buttercream can easily last for three days. High temperature is not too good for the buttercream. It can only last for hardly a day. So, refrigeration can save the buttercream from going bad too quickly. If you want to store the buttercream for almost a week, go for refrigeration; otherwise, it will get spoiled.

Does Buttercream Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Storing buttercream in the refrigerator for a week is a good choice if you have no plans to use it within a couple of days. The refrigerator can keep it fresh in an airtight container. But what happens if the refrigerator suddenly loses power? Don’t worry, and we have the best solution for you.

If you have stored buttercream in the fridge for a couple of days and then suddenly the refrigerator loses power, it will have no effect on the buttercream for some hours. But if you have lost the power for a long time, then there is a chance of buttercream getting spoiled because of the temperature difference.

To keep it safe, you must use the Food Storage Containers. Buttercream stored in the fridge cannot last for more than four hours at room temperature.

What Temperature Is Safe for Buttercream?

Buttercream needs a cool and calm temperature to stay fresh for some days. If the temperature is not cool but warmer instead, it cannot even last for a couple of days. You can store the buttercream in a bowl and use the best Silicone Stretch Lids over it.

You can store the buttercream at the cool temperature of the refrigerator for a week. But the temperature should not be very low as well. You can freeze the buttercream, but it will lose its quality and texture at low temperatures. Use airtight containers to store it in the fridge. Besides the best refrigerator, you can also look for the best undercounter refrigerators.