How Long Can Blueberries Sit Out?

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Blueberries come for a very short period: July and August. This tiny little fruit is the favorite of all. From kids to elders, everybody enjoys its taste and freshness in severely hot weather. It is a very juicy yet flavorful fruit and has huge health benefits too.

As this fruit is a short seasoned one, people tend to store it for longer use. You also get frozen blueberries from stores because this is a highly perishable fruit and can go bad at room temperature. We will discuss all the important things about blueberries in this article, so read on.

How Long Can Blueberries Sit Out?

Blueberries that are stored with proper methods will last the longest. If we talk about freshly bought blueberries that are unwashed, they will last for a day on your pantry or kitchen shelf. You can keep them for 24 hours outside the fridge. Remember that after this period, refrigerate the blueberries immediately.

If you have cut the blueberries in halves, they become exposed to the air and germs. You must refrigerate such blueberries within 2 hours. This is a sensitive and perishable fruit and requires large attention for longer shelf life.

What Happens If Blueberries Sit Out Too Long?

Let’s talk about the washed blueberries first. Moisture is not good for sensitive fruit like blueberries. If you keep washing the berries and let them at room temperature, they will go bad. They can become watery or slimy. So, always wash the blueberries just before you eat them in the best kitchens sinks.

Dried and unwashed blueberries can stay good for 24 hours at room temperature. If they are kept out for longer than this period, they will go bad. You may see mold and a slimy texture on the berries. We will only recommend tossing such blueberries out.

How Long Can Blueberries Be In The Car For?

If you have bought blueberries from the store and get caught in huge traffic, you may get worried about the berries. Don’t sweat it because the berries stay good at average room temperature for at least a day.

Ensure that the blueberries are not kept under direct sunlight in the car. Also, get your blueberries packed in breathable containers. Air exposure to dry and fresh blueberries is important; otherwise, they become dry and bad to eat.

What Should You Do If Blueberries Are Left Out Too Long?

If you forgot to store the blueberries after the mentioned period and keep them at room temperature for longer, they might have gone bad. You can give a good check to the blueberries in case. If you see any kind of mold or bad smell from the berries, toss them out.

If there is no mold growth on the blueberries and the taste and smell are also good, you can re-refrigerate the berries for later use. This does not apply to the berries if they are in their cut form. If the berries are in halves and seem good from outside, bacteria may have grown inside them.

Do Blueberries Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

As a highly perishable fruit, blueberries sometimes go bad if they are not refrigerated. You must refrigerate the blueberries in the best refrigerators after a day to maintain their quality. Otherwise, the blueberries may go bad and catch some mold.

You must refrigerate the blueberries in separate food containers. The containers must be breathable because air exposure is important for the shelf life of blueberries. Never store the berries in the crisper of the refrigerators. Also make sure that there is no bad piece of the berries among the bunch.

Do Blueberries Go Bad If You Lose Power?

If you lose power, the blueberries inside your refrigerator may go into the danger zone. The berries will stay good for 5 to 6 hours because then refrigerators maintain their temperature for this period even in a power outage. After this period, they can go bad.

If you have frozen berries inside the freezer, you should defrost them if the power does not get recovered. It’s better to consume the food rather than discarding it. So, defrost the berries and enjoy making and eating blueberries pies before they go bad.

What Temperature Is Safe for Blueberries?

Above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is a danger zone for storing blueberries. You must store the blueberries below 40 degrees of Fahrenheit. In this way, the blueberries will stay good for 10 to 12 days. If you have frozen berries, they can last for months inside your freezer if stored properly.