How Long Can Bacon Grease Sit Out And Does It Go Bad?

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Bacon grease, also called bacon fat or bacon drippings, is made by cooking the bacon in the oven or stove. It has a tangy, spicy and smoky flavor. You eat it and get lost in its unique and yummy flavor. You can use it as butter or oil in a variety of dishes.

You bought some bacon grease from the store for sauteing some vegetables for dinner. Now, you are a bit concerned that how long can bacon grease sit out OR what happens if bacon grease sits out too long? Well, you don’t have to worry. This article has got all your answers right here. So, without any delay. Let’s get started then!

How Long Can Bacon Grease Sit Out?

Bacon grease has a really good shelf life. If you have homemade bacon grease, it can be kept for about six months at room temperature. It is perfectly fine to keep the bacon grease in a pantry. It won’t get spoiled quickly. The same is for the store-bought bacon grease. Just keep its best by date in mind.

A good tip for storing the bacon grease is that when you are finished preparing it, don’t immediately pour it into the container. First, let it cool down and then strain it. Straining is important because if the big pieces of bacon get in, it can make bacon grease go bad soon. After straining, pour the bacon grease into the best airtight container.

What Happens If Bacon Grease sits Out Too Long?

As mentioned earlier, bacon grease can be kept for about six months at room temperature. Is your bacon grease being out for longer than six months? If yes, then quickly give it a check to tell whether it is spoiled or not.

Store your bacon grease properly to prevent it from going bad. Keep the jar of bacon grease tightly sealed and make sure that it is kept away from heat sources and sunlight. Keep the bacon grease in a cool place.

What Should You Do If Bacon Grease Is Left Out Too Long?

If the bacon grease is left out for too long, let’s check whether it has spoiled or is still safe to eat. First of all, give bacon grease a quick sniff. If you notice any foul or bad smell coming, it is a sign that bacon has spoiled. The presence of mold on bacon grease and discoloration also indicates that it has gone bad. Don’t consume it!

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How Long Can Bacon Grease Be In The Car For?

It all depends on the temperature of the car. If the car’s temperature is around room temperature, then you can keep it for three to six months. Make sure the temperature is not above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Does Bacon Grease Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

No, it won’t go bad if not refrigerated. But if you want to store the bacon grease for longer periods, try keeping the bacon grease in the refrigerator. You can store the bacon grease for about twelve months in the refrigerator. Try out the best electric skillets for cooking your dishes with bacon grease. They are quite convenient.

Do Bacon Grease Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Yes, bacon grease can go bad if you lose power for longer. The cooling of your refrigerator will go down, and your bacon grease can spoil. As mentioned earlier, store your bacon grease in a tightly sealed jar. Try out the best stir fry pans while sauteing vegetables with bacon grease.

What Temperature Is Safe For Bacon Grease?

Store the bacon grease at 25 degrees centigrade. Ensure the temperature doesn’t go below 25 or 26 degrees centigrade for the best results. If you are worried that bacon grease may create a mess in your kitchen, then try out the best microwave bacon cookers for that.

How to store your bacon grease?

If you have plenty of bacon grease and do not want to spoil it, it is better that you store it properly. Bacon grease is a cheap and convenient substitute for butter and oil. It also adds extra flavor to your food.

Bacon grease does not spoil quickly. It has a good shelf life. However, if the environmental conditions are not entirely appropriate, it may go bad in a couple of weeks, giving off a rotten-meat like smell.

Place it in a cool, dry place.

If you reside at a place where there is a cold environment, bacon grease can stay perfect in your cabinets or on your shelf for two or three months. Bacon grease is just like any other fat that does not spoil quickly. You can pour in your bacon fat in a mason jar.

You should wash your mason jar thoroughly. After that, you have to make sure it is dried completely. Pour your grease in the jar and put the lid on. You can use it for up to two to three months.

Place it away from sunlight.

If you leave your bacon grease jar at a place where sunlight directly falls on your bacon grease, move your bacon grease to some other dark place.

There are chances that some bacon particles stay in your bacon grease. These particles gain heat from the sunlight, and there are chances that molds and bacteria may grow in your bacon grease. It will spoil all of your bacon fat, and you will not want to use it again.

Refrigerating your bacon grease is better.

The best way to store your bacon grease is to put it in your refrigerator. The refrigerator provides lower temperatures for your bacon grease, limiting the chance of the growth of bacteria and molds in your bacon fats.

Can you freeze your bacon grease?

You can freeze your bacon grease in the freezer if you have a bulk of it. It can be kept in an airtight container straight for six to seven months. It will not rot and you can scoop it out whenever you need it.

There is a more convenient way to store your bacon grease, and it is to pour your bacon grease into ice cube trays and then transfer them to a zip lock bag. It will help you to get enough grease for a single serving. It will give you the perfect quantity of bacon grease every time you use it.

How long does bacon grease last?

The life span of bacon grease depends on where you place it. If you thaw your frozen bacon grease repeatedly, there are chances of it going bad within a month. You can refill your bacon grease container as per requirement.

If you have placed it in a warm place, it will spoil in a couple of weeks. A cool, dark, and dry place increase the life of your bacon grease for up to two to three months. If you place your bacon grease in your refrigerator, it will be useful for up to four or five months.

You can use a spoon to scoop the bacon grease out. It would be best if you keep in mind to take out the exact amount of grease you want to use. The frozen bacon grease sustains for the longest time. Nothing will happen to it for up to a year.

How to tell if bacon grease is bad?

There are chances that you consume your bacon grease before it rots. The following points may assist you in checking if the grease has gone rancid or not.

  • If you smell a stinky smell coming out of your bacon grease, it is a sign that it has gone wrong. It is better not to use it.
  • The color of fresh bacon grease is light pale. If you notice that the color is turning brown, you cannot use your bacon grease.
  • The presence of any molds in your bacon grease confirms that you should discard your bacon right away. If you still use it, you may fall ill.
  • You would know the taste of your bacon grease. If you are a little skeptical that your bacon grease is okay or not when there is no alteration in its appearance, it is advised that you taste a little portion of the grease. If it tastes fine, you are good to use it.