How Long Can Babybel Cheese Sit Out?

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Babybel Cheese, also known as Edam Cheese, is created with high milk and other dairy products. It is one of the most famous cheeses, and it is used a lot all around the globe. It is a semi-hard natural cheese made from pasteurized milk and wrapped packages.

The manufacturing and the expiry date are labeled on the package it comes, and you can easily get it from any store. If you have bought it for the first time and are looking for some helpful information, then this article is for you.

How Long Can Babybel Cheese Sit Out?

Babybel Cheese comes in a closed package with the best by date labeled. If it remains unopened, it can last for a very long time, even after passing the expiry date. Once you open the package, the cheese will get exposed to the air, and the process of oxidation will start.

The opened Babybel Cheese can last for a couple of days at room temperature only if the temperature of your surroundings is not too high.

What Happens If Babybel Cheese Sits Out For Too Long?

Sitting out of Babybel Cheese for more than a couple of hours at a high temperature can affect its quality and texture. There are chances that the bacteria will grow at a high temperature, and once the bacteria start growing in the cheese, it will form dark spots on its surface, and you will not be able to use that cheese again.

If Babybel Cheese sits out for too long, it will lose its taste, color, smell, and texture. So, you should always store the opened Babybel Cheese in the Best Outdoor Refrigerators so that they can last for a long time.

How Long Can Babybel Cheese Be In The Car For?

It depends on the opening of the Babybel Cheese package and how long it can stay in the car. If the package remains unopened, it can last for six months without losing the quality and the texture. You can take the unopened packages of Babybel Cheese with you anywhere without any worries.

Once you open the package, the situation is quite different, as oxidation occurs once the cheese is exposed to the air. It can only stay fresh in the car for three to four hours if the temperature is high.

What Should You Do If Babybel Cheese Is Left Out For Too Long?

If you have left the sealed package of Babybel Cheese somewhere in your pantry and you have found it after three to four months, then it is okay to use it as Babybel cheese can last for six months if sealed in a package.

But if you will leave the Babybel Cheese at room temperature for too long, then the temperature may affect its quality and freshness. It can allow the bacteria to sit in and form dark spots and mold on its surface, and the cheese will lose its texture and color. These are the traits of spoiled cheese. You should store the Babybel Cheese in the Best Airtight Container before storing it in the fridge for extra protection.

Does Babybel Cheese Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

If you do not refrigerate the cheese, there will be no effect on the sealed package of Babybel Cheese, and you either store it inside or outside the refrigerator. But for the opened and exposed Babybel Cheese, you must take extra care and protection. You should store it in the Best Undercounter Refrigerator to keep it fresh for some time.

If it is not refrigerated properly, it will lose its taste, color, smell, and texture and end up spoiling.

Does Babybel Cheese Go Bad If You Lose Power?

It becomes harder when you store the cheese in the fridge due to the cold temperatures. The refrigerator’s temperature remains cold for some time, even after you turn it off. So, losing power will not affect the quality of your Babybel Cheese as long as the temperature inside the fridge remains cool, and we recommend you to keep the door of the fridge closed.

If you open the door, the refrigerator’s temperature will decrease, and a time will come it will become equal to the room temperature. If you cannot turn the refrigerator back on within two hours, the cheese will spoil rapidly.

What Temperature Is Safe For The Babybel Cheese?

Low temperatures are best for the Babybel Cheese. The unopened package can last for a long time, even after passing the expiration date, while the opened cheese cannot store at room temperature for a long period.

Low temperatures are the safest for the opened cheese as it allows the cheese to retain its quality and freshness for some time.