How Long Can Apple Pie Sit Out?

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Eating pies is as much fun as baking them. The feeling of biting onto a soft, juicy and flavorful apple pie is second to none. I can write for ages on good the apple pie tastes, but we want to know how long our apple pie can sit out?

This article will guide you through all the necessary details concerning the freshness and health of your life outside the refrigerator.

How Long Can Apple Pie Sit Out?

Apple pie has a relatively long life compared to other baked items outside the refrigerator. You don’t need to worry if you forgot to refrigerate your Apple pie. Outside the fridge, Cooked or uncooked pies will still be fresh and edible for a couple of days.

Baked or unbaked pies can sit longer if covered by plastic or Aluminium wrapping. Wrapped pies will remain safe from bacterial attacks, and thus they will remain fresh for a long time. Unwrapped Apple pie will be vulnerable to insects and flies as well. 

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What Happens if Apple Pie sets Out Too Long?

The life of Apple pies outside a refrigerator is 2 days. Your pie will remain fresh and flavorful for two days outside the fridge. In case you’re wondering, what happens if your Apple pie sits out too long? We got just the right answer for you.

If it remains out for longer than two days, its freshness starts diminishing.  If your Apple pie sits out for a long time, there is a high chance that it has been spoiled. You can check out these refrigerators to keep your Apple pie fresh for a long time.

What Should You Do If Apple Pie Is Left Out Too Long?

Even though your Apple pie can remain fresh outside the refrigerator for about two days, however, keeping it out for long can be risky. Food outside the fridge is in hostile territory, vulnerable to bacterial attacks. Do the following if your pie has been left out for too long.

Check whether your Apple pie is fresh or has been expired. But how can you tell if your Apple pie has expired? If your Apple pie smells awkward or molds appear on its surface, then it has expired, and it should be discarded.

How Long Can Apple Pie Be In The Car For?

Your car is not an ideal place to keep your pie. It is usually hot and has a humid environment. The freshness of your Apple pie will reduce in the car.

Fruit pies can stay fresh inside your car for about one day or, in some cases, two days. In summers, your apple pie will start spoiling within a day. We recommend wrapping your Apple pie in plastic or Aluminium wrapping to keep it fresh and juicy.

Does Apple Pie Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Your Apple pie doesn’t need to go bad if it is not refrigerated. The time taken by your Apple pie to spoil depends on how long your Apple pie has been left out of the fridge. Similarly, the room temperature also affects the freshness of your Apple pie.

Your Apple pie will remain fresh for two days outside the fridge. Similarly, your Apple pie will remain fresh for a long time at lower room temperature.

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Does Apple Pie Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Your apple pie can remain fresh for four days inside your refrigerator. But what if you lose power? Will it be the freshness of your pie? The freshness of your pie depends on how long the power has been out.

Your apple life has an amazing shelf life of two days. So if the power is out for two days, your apple pie will still be fresh. However, if the power has been gone for more than two days, then your apple pie might spoil.  

What Temperature Is Safe For Apple Pie?

The safe temperature for your apple pie is 400F or below. Temperatures higher than 400F are unsafe for your apple pie. Higher temperatures will catalyze the bacterial activity inside your apple pie, and it will spoil sooner.

Low temperatures will slow down the bacterial activity in your apple pie, and it will remain fresh for longer. You can also check out these silicone baking pans, which can help you make a perfect apple pie.