How Long Can Apple Juice Sit Out

How Long Can Apple Juice Sit Out?

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Fruits are good, but juices are great. People of every age group include fruit juices in their diet for health and fitness purposes. Apple juice is also used worldwide for its citrusy-sweet taste and amazing flavor.

This article will guide you about the shelf life of your apple juice and how long it can sit out.

How Long Can Apple Juice Sit Out?

Apple juice is best stored in cold and dark places. The shelf life of your Apple juice greatly depends on how it is made and where it is stored. Home-made Apple juice and bottled Apple juice have different shelf lives.

If you have made a fresh apple juice at your home, we recommend you leave it out longer than 2 hours. Meanwhile, if you have bought bottled Apple juice, it can sit out for 8-10 hours at normal room temperature. Love home-made apple juice? You might check these Best Slow Juicers that give extract maximum juice out of your apples.

What Happens if Apple Juice Is Out Too Long?

Leaving out your apple juice is never a good idea. It is a perishable food and goes bad if left out too long. The freshness of homemade and bottled juices reduces if they are left out for too long.

When your apple juice is left out at room temperature for a long time, bacteria start growing inside your juice. Bacterial growth inside your juice reduces its freshness and ultimately spoils it. Make sure you don’t leave out your apple juice for long. You can use these Reusable Bottles to store your apple juice.

What Should You Do If Apple Juice Is Left Out Too Long?

There is a high chance that your Apple Juice has gone bad if it has been left put for long. We strongly recommend not to consume spoiled apple juice. But how can you tell if your apple juice has gone bad?

You can inspect your apple juice using your basic senses. Check its taste and smell. It might have been spoiled if your apple juice is bitter and smells different. Be careful while tasting the apple juice, and do not drink a lot of juice as it could be dangerous.

How Long Can Apple Juice Be In The Car For?

Cars are usually hot and humid. Your car is not the best storage for your apple juice. But how long can your apple juice be in the car without going bad?

It is better not to keep homemade apple juice inside your car for more than 1 hour. It is supposed to be consumed quickly or stored in the refrigerator. However, bottled apple juice can remain for 3-4 hours inside your car since it has preservatives in it. 

Does Apple Juice Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Your refrigerator is the best place to store your juices, fruits, vegetables and cooked foods. It keeps them fresh for a long. But will your apple juice go bad if it is not refrigerated?

Well, if your apple juice has been out for long, it will go bad. Bacteria will attack and spoil your left-out apple juice. However, if the juice has been out for a short while, it will not go bad even if it is not refrigerated.

You can place your Apple juice inside an Ice Bucket at room temperature. It will keep it fresh for long.

Does Apple Juice Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Electricity runs your refrigerators, which keep your apple juice and other foods from going bad. Losing power makes your foods vulnerable, and their freshness reduces. However, your apple juice doesn’t need to go bad if you lose power.

If power has been out for a short time, it is not a problem. Your apple juice can survive for multiple hours without power. However, if the power has been out for a long, it can make your apple juice go bad.

What Temperature Is Safe For Apple Juice?

Like other perishable foods, Apple juice is best stored at low temperatures. Low temperatures increase their life and keep them fresh for long. High temperature is bad for your apple juice.

Low temperatures keep the bacterial actions minimum inside your foods. Meanwhile, high temperatures catalyze the bacterial activity inside your food. It is the reason that your apple juice will remain fresh for a long at lower temperatures as compared to higher temperatures.