How Long Can American Cheese Sit Out?

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American Cheese is not a cheese, just like meatloaf is not meat. It gives a cheese-like taste, and it is used a lot in America. You will find American Cheese in almost every store in America. It comes with the best by date labeled on its package, but it does not give the actual expiry time of the Cheese.

If you are looking for some helpful information regarding American Cheese, then luckily, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some important facts about American Cheese that will be helpful for you.

How Long Can American Cheese Sit Out?

Like other cheeses, American Cheese does not have a long a stable life span. They can go bad very quickly if you store them in unpleasant conditions. Too high temperatures are not suitable for the American Cheese.

American Cheese cannot stay fresh for more than four hours at room temperature. So, that means that you can only store it in cold environments to make them last for a long time. The American Cheese can last for a week in the fridge retaining its peak quality and freshness.

What Happens If American Cheese Is Left Out For Too Long?

As we have discussed earlier, American Cheese cannot last for a long time at room temperature. So, if you leave them on the countertop for a long time, they might lose their quality and texture.

When the temperature is high, the bacteria and the molds grow very rapidly, and these two-component can easily destroy the quality of the Cheese. So, if the American Cheese is left out for too long, it will not go well.

How Long Can American Cheese Be In The Car For?

It depends on the temperature of the car. If the temperature inside the car is too high, then American Cheese cannot last for long in it. But if the car is air-conditioned, then the Cheese might get some chance to live long. In the areas where the temperature is higher, Cheese cannot last for more than three hours in the car.

If you live in colder regions, you can easily take the Cheese in the car with you for four to five hours without worrying about its spoilage.

What Should You Do If American Cheese Is Left Out For Too Long?

If you leave the Cheese on the countertop for a long time and the temperature of your region is hotter, you should get worried about the freshness of the Cheese. There are higher chances that the Cheese will go bad. First of all, you must check the quality of the Cheese. If you notice any kinds of dark spots on the Cheese, then you must discard it at once.

But if the Cheese looks okay, you must immediately transfer the Cheese to the Best Undercounter Refrigerator. To protect the Cheese from the other food items inside the fridge, you must use the Best Airtight Containers.

Does American Cheese go Bad  If Not Refrigerated?

Having a short lifespan, American Cheese cannot last for a long time if not refrigerated. If you leave it at room temperature for hours, it will go bad rapidly. To keep the Cheese fresh, you must store it in the Best Outdoor Refrigerators.

The cold environment of the fridge will keep the Cheese fresh for some days. So, if you have bought the Cheese for long-term use, you should only keep it in the fridge.

Does American Cheese Go Bad If You lose Power?

The shelf life of Cheese is short at low temperatures, so that it can go bad very quickly at room temperatures. If you lose Power and the refrigerator in which you have stored the Cheese shuts down, it may affect Cheese’s freshness. The temperature inside the fridge remains cool for some time, even after it is off.

The Cheese can retain its quality and freshness until the temperature inside the fridge remains cool and calm, but once it comes equal to the room temperature, it will start affecting the quality of the Cheese. You can use the Food Storage Containers and transfer the Cheese to other cool places to protect them.

Which Temperature Is Safe For American Cheese?

The safest temperature for American Cheese is below 5 degrees. If you keep it at room temperature, you must use it within three hours. Otherwise, store it in the refrigerator or other cool places where the temperature is below 5 degrees.