Horseradish Everything You Need To Know

Horseradish: Everything You Need To Know

Horseradish belongs to the Brassicaceae family of plants and other plants like broccoli, radish, cabbage, mustard, and wasabi. And like the majority of these plants, Horseradish is also a root vegetable. Horseradish is a perennial herb. The plant of this spice can be used as both condiment and spice. It is a very famous spice. That’s why it is used almost all over the world. Moreover, both the roots and leaves are edible. So, you can use both for culinary purposes.

Horseradish is the native plant of Asia and Europe. Along with having culinary importance, this root plant also has some exceptional health benefits. And it has been used for medical purposes for years. Horseradish has antibacterial and anticancer properties. Besides, this plant is widely used for improving respiratory health too. So, next time if you get breathing issues and cold, you can use this plant. However, in this article, we will mainly focus on this root vegetable’s culinary and food-related uses.

What does Horseradish Look Like?

Horseradish has green leaves while its roots are white. This spice looks like ginger. Both have almost the same color and looks. That’s why people can easily confuse between both. However, Horseradish has more of an organized structure than ginger. Horseradish is normally straight with little tilted sides. The pant can grow around 1.5 meters in height. The green leaves of this plant normally have a length of 1 m. Its leaves look like the leaves of rumex, and people mostly mistake between both. The Horseradish plant also has white flowers. The flowers are white and have four petals. They have a great scent with dense panicles.

Where does Horseradish Come From?

Horseradish comes from two countries, i.e., Hungary and Russia. It was grown in large amounts in these countries before it was introduced to the rest of the world. Horseradish is an old plant. It has been mentioned in Greek mythologies so many times. Shakespeare has also mentioned this root spice in his writings. Besides, botanically, Horseradish can be obtained from a plant from the Brassicaceae family.

How is Horseradish Made?

The Horseradish spice is made of Horseradish roots. So, you must begin with planting the plant. Make sure you select good soil and location for the plantation. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results. Once the plant grows and gets ready to harvest, you can begin the process and start harvesting it. Then, you can use the roots to make the actual spice. For spice, you will need vinegar, salt, and Horseradish roots. Most people consider the spice as the Horseradish sauce, but both are different. For Horseradish cream, you will need mayonnaise, cream, or sour cream. But the spice does not include these ingredients.

What Does Horseradish Taste Like?

Horseradish has a very strong taste and aroma. This is because it has oil in it that resembles mustard oil. The oil is so strong that it can easily heat the tongue and tear the eyes. That’s why this root is mixed with other ingredients. The mixture of different ingredients relieves its heat and makes it tastier.

How is Horseradish Used in Cooking?

As stated above, Horseradish is heaty. So, using the roots directly for eating is not a good idea. While for cooking, freshly grated roots will give tastier and better-flavored dishes. Besides, it will also help to reduce its heat and make it tastier. You can grate it with your hand while cooking. But for best results, you can also use food processors. If you want to maintain its aroma, you can also add it at the end of cooking like mustard.

What Types of Cuisines Use Horseradish?

Horseradish is used in different cuisines around the world. It is used in both vegetables and meat. You can also prepare the sauce and use it like mustard sauce in your dishes. In some cultures, its sauce is used in large amounts for seafood, especially gefilte fish. You can also add Horseradish in a salad, eggs, mayonnaise, and more.

What is a Horseradish Substitute?

For substituting Horseradish, you can use five main items. These are fresh ginger, wasabi, Horseradish sauce, brown mustard, and black radish.

Where to Buy Horseradish?

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