Horehound Everything You Need To Know

Horehound: Everything You Need To Know

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Another name for Horehound is White Horehound. It is a plant that belongs to the mint family. Horehound is a perennial herb. This herb is the native plant of Asia, Europe, and Africa. However, today you will find this plant almost everywhere, including in America. This is because it has a high amount of mucilage, a secret ingredient used in preparing tea. Besides, Horehound is used for various other purposes.

Horehound has a lot of health benefits; that’s why it is also used as medicine. This herb is great for digestion, diabetes, diarrhea, indigestion, liver, gallbladder, constipation, bloating, and gas problems. It also works great in improving appetite. In the old days, Horehound is also used for curing menstrual problems. Its health benefits are also proven scientifically. Besides, it is also used in dishes, baked items, and for making tea. It has an exceptional aroma that easily attracts individuals and adds a little scent to whatever you make.

What does Horehound Look Like?

Horehound has mint-like leaves. Its leaves have the same structure as mints. However, unlike mint that has dark green color, this herb has grey leaves. But you will also find greyish-green leaves sometimes. This perennial plant can grow around 25 cm to 45 cm in height. While its leaves are tiny with a length of 2 cm to 5 cm. The leaves of Horehound have crinkled surfaces and are completely covered in downy hairs. Moreover, the plant also has white flowers. The flowers produce on the main stem’s upper portion. They are often found in small clusters.

Where does Horehound Come From?

Horehound came from Asia, Europe, and North Africa. While its production in North America started with settlers. When settlers came to America, they started growing the Horehound plant. They planted it as a medicine which was the actual reason behind its fame. But eventually, its use expanded, so as its growth. And it got fame and became a highly used herb throughout America. Besides, this plant got its name from two ancient English words, i.e., har and hune, which referred to a downy plant. And this name refers to the unique structure of the Horehound plant.

How is Horehound Made?

Horehound is made of a perennial plant. For making this herb, you must begin the process by planting the seed. Then once the plant grows, you can use the leaves. Most people use fresh leaves, which do not require any further process. Once the leaves get ready to harvest, start picking them. However, if you are looking for a dry form, you must wash and dry the leaves with coriander or basil leaves.

What Does Horehound Taste Like?

The taste of Horehound offers a great combination of sweetness and bitterness. Unfortunately, it also gives a little flavor of licorice. But you can also add honey or sugar to improve its taste and reduce its bitterness.

How is Horehound Used in Cooking?

Horehound is not mainly used for cooking due to its bitter taste. You will normally find its use in drinking, baking, sweet, and medicinal items. The dry leaves of this plant are usually used for making tea. While in baked and sweet items, it is better to combine it with sugar or honey; otherwise, the bitterness in its taste will prevail. And you will not get the actual flavor you want in your food.

What Types of Cuisines Use Horehound?

Horehound is not used in culinary cuisines. However, you will find its high use in other items. For example, the traditional sweet or candy made of Horehound is loved by everyone around. It is a very famous candy with a bittersweet taste with a little hint of licorice and an appearance resembling root beer. Besides, the teas made of this herb are also famous, especially due to their exceptional health benefits. It works wonders against cough and cold, etc.

What is a Horehound Substitute?

Finding a substitute for any ingredient is not tough. You can easily find many substitutes, but you must have good knowledge of the product for this. But Horehound is a tricky item. It is hard to find a direct substitute for this herb as its substitute depends on the purpose you are using it for.

Where to Buy Horehound?

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