Griddle vs. Skillet – What’s The Difference?

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Cook wares are the basic items that are present in every kitchen. A kitchen feels incomplete without these basic and different kinds of cookware. Griddle and skillet are used for cooking food items well technical differences exist between them.

The main difference is that the griddle plan is rectangular or square while the skillet is round in shape. Skillet has high walls while griddle has low walls. Skillet is used for frying and slow cooking, while griddle is used for high cooking or heating food items.

Further differences and main highlights are mentioned below, which will help you learn more about griddle and skillet.


Characterizing what a griddle is can be more difficult than characterizing what a skillet is. There is griddle dish, which are like skillets somehow or another, and afterward, there are frying pans that are bits of hardware, frequently alluded to as frying pan plates. A griddle pan skillet is typically like a square shape or square.

Griddles are planned with lower dividers and are likewise extraordinary for cooking steaks, eggs, and burgers. The ones with a level surface area for cooking things have an even thickness. Griddle container is frequently produced using solid metal or other non-stick materials. Most griddles contain levels that will often be level and best utilized for flapjacks and eggs.

More often than not, they have edges that are intended to copy the barbecue grind lines. Even barbecue/frying pan combos are available for the smartest possible solution. Iron griddles like this are likewise planned to ensure that the fat from what you are cooking runs down the wells.

The griddle container planned with edges and wells for fat seepage will often be intended to be set over direct hotness. Griddle plates are often level, here and there; they are even called level tops. Likewise, you may have an electric one at home that you take to set up camp or use on Sundays to make a monster family breakfast.


A skillet is regularly erroneously alluded to as a griddle. Skillets are adjusted and have further sides. These skillets are reasonable for broiling or in circumstances where you don’t need the fat to run off. They can likewise make a mean steak.

Skillets are generally produced using solid metal, yet you might have the option to think that they are in other non-stick materials that are lighter than cast iron. Skillets are likewise intended to go into the stove. The high sides prevent oil or different fluids from pouring into the broiler.

The high sides also imply that cooking or exceptionally meager things can be troublesome. It would not be easy to flip a flapjack in a skillet, though with a steak, you can utilize utensil-like utensils to flip and turn the steak.

Skillets will more often than not be utilized for more slow cooking methods. This implies techniques like broiling, baking, or simmering. They can likewise endure high hot cooking, yet commonly with food varieties that will require some stove time later, they get a pleasant burn.

A thick, succulent steak, for instance, could be roasted in the skillet with high hotness while it is in the oven. Then, at that point, you could flip the steak over, add some margarine and a little rosemary, and stick it in the broiler to complete the process of cooking. Somewhat salt and pepper.

Can You Use Griddle and Skillet Interchangeably?

This depends upon the sort of iron you have; you might have the option to utilize a skillet as a griddle. The main iron that would be reasonable for setting a skillet on top of would be a griddle plate. The ones that are some of the time called level tops.

You might not get similar heat retention, however assuming you are exploring nature or need to let something cooking in a skillet rest, or gradually keep on cooking, then, at that point, putting a skillet on a frying pan plate is a choice.

You could never put a skillet on a griddle dish. That is a debacle already in the works. Not to confound the matter; however, you can put a skillet, a level iron dish, and a furrowed frying pan container on top of a frying pan plate.

Since an iron plate is a cooking surface rather than a piece of cookware, you could put any dish on it. The hotness move may not be just about as serious as utilizing an oven where all of the hotness will be coordinated into the skillet; however, this could be helpful in certain circumstances.

Cafés will frequently put the dish on top of iron plates to keep them warm, or sometimes, to gradually proceed with the cooking system. This is an extraordinary method for ensuring things come out simultaneously or gradually complete a steak without overcooking it.

Assuming you made a sauce that necessary you to finish off it with margarine toward the end, then, at that point, you might need to lay it on an iron plate to keep it warm sufficient that it won’t break however cool barely enough that the fat and water content won’t separate.

One more thought with an iron skillet and frying pan plates is that you might put a frying pan container on a frying pan plate. This would likely be helpful, assuming you have one of the iron dishes planned with edges.

Assuming your frying pan plate can deliver sufficient hotness, and say you were enjoying the great outdoors and truly needed barbecue checks or needed to stay away from an excessive amount of oil in your burger, you could put a furrowed iron container on top of an electric or internal combustion frying pan plate.

So, What’s The Difference Between Skillet and Griddle?

Summarizing the article mentioned above into key points and mentioning the differences between griddle and skillet which would be:

  1. The main difference between griddle and skillet depends upon what you are cooking. Such as skillet is used for fried chicken, and griddle is used for eggs and pancakes.
  2. A griddle plate is more closely related to grill and stove, while a skillet is used for various purposes.
  3. The griddle plan is rectangular or square, while the skillet is round in shape.
  4. Skillet has high walls while griddle has low walls.
  5. Skillet is used for frying and slow cooking, while griddle is used for high cooking or heating food items.