Get Creative With Coffee Recipes On TikTok 

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Tiktok recipe for great coffeeWith its creative and often hilarious content, TikTok has become the go-to platform for foodies, home cooks, and food bloggers. And with that, brands have also found an audience on TikTok. Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee brands out there, and utilizing social media means we get some of the newest and hottest coffee trends from a top brand. Many of them are getting creative with their Starbucks TikTok drink recipes to make tasty treats that are almost too pretty to eat. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Starbucks recipes on TikTok and how you can make them at home, sans Starbucks barista. 

TikTok Frappuccinos

Frappuccino cups with all sorts of flavors have been popping up on TikTok. Popular combinations include blueberry cheesecake, caramel cookie crumble, strawberry shortcake, matcha mocha swirl, and more. They’re easy to make since all you need is a coffee creamer in the flavor of your choice, a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream (any flavor), and whipped cream topping or sweet cream foam. You can even add sprinkles, extra caramel drizzle, scoops of strawberries, scoops of vanilla bean powder, pumps of cinnamon, or chocolate chips for an extra special touch. 

Cold Brew Floats 

If you love cold brew but want something a bit more special than just plain cold brew with ice cubes, then try making a cold brew float! All you need is some strong-brewed cold brew coffee (or espresso if you prefer), a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor, and some whipped cream topping or sweetened oat milk. If you make an iced white mocha as they do at Starbucks and then add pumps of raspberry syrup, it’s very similar to a strawberry cheesecake frappuccino with raspberries instead. Java chips give that coffee taste, even on a hot day. This twist on a classic is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you an energy boost! 

Frozen Hot Chocolate 

This frozen hot cocoa recipe is the perfect way for TikTok users to cool down in the summertime without sacrificing that delicious hot chocolate taste or having to use the Starbucks app. All you need is half a cup of hot chocolate mix (or cocoa powder if you don’t have any mix), one tablespoon of sugar or honey, one teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional), two cups of milk (dairy or non-dairy), three tablespoons of melted butter or coconut oil (optional), two cups of ice cubes and optional toppings like marshmallows, mocha drizzle, or crushed graham crackers. You can even try white hot chocolate! Simply blend everything together until it’s smooth and creamy, and enjoy! 

Here are some  other recipes you can try inspired by Starbucks from Starbucks customers: 

Tiktok Pink Drink Frappuccino  

The base drink for this is the iconic pink drink from the official Starbucks menu —that’s right, the one with coconut milk and strawberry syrup—is made easy in this simple recipe from home cook @jessicathecookietv. All you need is ice cubes, cold-brew concentrate (or regular espresso), fresh strawberries, heavy cream or sweet cold foam, and sugar for sweetness. Blend it all together and enjoy a homemade version of your favorite Instagrammable Starbucks beverage that looks worthy of a secret menu item!

S’mores Frappuccino 

For a delicious drink that looks like it’s straight from the Starbucks secret menu, this next recipe comes courtesy of food blogger @miss_joney. It requires a bit more work than the pink drink frappuccino but the result is sure to impress your family and friends. Start off by making a chocolate ganache out of semi-sweet chocolate chips and heavy cream; this will be used as a topping later on. For the main part of the recipe, you’ll need instant coffee granules (or espresso powder), milk, ice cubes, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate syrup. Blend everything together until smooth before garnishing with ganache and extra marshmallows for an added crunchy texture. Yum! 

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino        

No list of TikTok Starbucks recipes would be complete without a salted caramel mocha frappuccino! This decadent concoction comes from home cook @thefrenchtoastguy and involves just five ingredients: strong brewed coffee or espresso shots, milk (or almond milk!), caramel syrup or sauce (homemade or store-bought both work well), ice cubes, and coarse sea salt for garnish. You can even try some dolce syrup or pumps of hazelnut syrup. Combine everything in a blender before pouring into two glasses; top each glass with some coarse sea salt to finish off the look—and taste—of your new favorite beverage. Enjoy! 

Which One Will You Try?

There are so many ways to get creative with coffee recipes on TikTok! From frappuccinos to floats to frozen hot chocolate – there’s a TikTok video for everyone! So don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen and post your own creations for other foodies out there looking for inspiration. Who knows – maybe your recipe will become the next big thing on TikTok! Happy cooking!