Frappe vs. Frappuccino vs. Cappuccino – What’s The Difference?

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Coffee drinks are excelling a lot all over the world. Whether it’s breakfast early in the morning, lunch break during work hours or studying late at night, everyone relies on coffee drinks either hot coffee or cold one. That’s why coffee drink varieties are increased as the demand increases.

Like other coffee drinks, three main drinks contain coffee in them, including frappe, Frappuccino, and cappuccino. The difference between the three would be frappe being a cold blended drink made from espresso, milk, and ice.

Frappuccino is a famous Starbucks drink containing coffee, cream, milk and espresso and lastly, cappuccino is a hot coffee drink that contains espresso, milk, and latté. Well, we can say that some of the ingredients in the three of them are the same. It is how these drinks are processed which makes them unique and different.

To help you know more related to frappe, Frappuccino, and cappuccino: their health benefits, nutritional facts, taste and making read the below mentioned details and you will know everything about these coffee drinks.


Frappe is a new invention in Italian cuisine and has been famous in North America since the initiation of Starbucks. Frappe coffee is a favorite winter drink that is consumed on a daily basis in Greece and Cyprus. In actual frappe is originated from French cuisine.

Frappe is a blended frozen drink, just like a milkshake or any other juice. In actual words, we can say that frappe is referred to as blended coffee. The original frappe coffee was made by Nescafe in Greece and was referred to as a beverage with ice blends.

A cocktail shaker and a milkshake blender are utilized in making frappe.  It is very easy and ready to make as all you have to do is blend in water, sugar, coffee, milk, and ice. Some people add whipped cream at the top to overcome the bitterness of coffee.


Frappuccino is also a beverage that Starbucks invents. It is defined as a dink with a coffee base, blended ice, any flavored syrup and whipped cream at the top. The consumer generally decides flavor and the toppings.

The amazing thing is that there exist thirty different flavorings of Frappuccino. Frappuccino is also a coffee as it contains a coffee base. The famous Starbucks Frappuccino is made from whole milk and roasted coffee with added flavors and toppings.

We can say that in about sixteen ounces of Frappuccino, there exists 95 mg caffeine. There is a type of Frappuccino that contains no coffee, which is crème Frappuccino. Frappuccino is a cold blended drink that contains heavy cream and milk addition.

Presence of Espresso in Frappuccino

 A standard drink of Frappuccino doesn’t contain espresso in it, but it includes an instant coffee or a frap roast. But it won’t be right to say that Frappuccino mainly doesn’t contain espresso as some Frappuccino called espresso Frappuccino contains espresso.

Caffeine content

The most important element present in coffee is caffeine. But it’s not always true that Frappuccino is caffeinated. There is a non-caffeinated Frappuccino available for those who can’t have caffeine. The choice surely depends on the consumer.

Famous Frappuccino flavors

There exist many Frappuccino flavors, out of which some are extremely famous. These favors are: The mocha Frappuccino contains chocolate flavoring, the java chip includes a stronger coffee taste and tastes similar to chocolate mousse and the chai crème flavor contains chai tea, cream and cinnamon topping.


Cappuccino is everyone’s favorite coffee made from the latte and steamed milk. The ratio of cappuccino processing includes one-third of espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third milk foam. In cappuccino, the form is more as compared to milk.

One can also add cocoa powder or cinnamon as a topping. Cappuccino is no doubt the most famous form of coffee all over the world. The taste is light and is a low-calorie drink that helps stay awake and fresh for a longer time period.

Cappuccino has two varieties, including cold and hot; on the other hand, when a latte is added to cappuccino, it becomes a hot drink, but one can also make it with ice and whipped cream, a cold blended beverage.

Presence of espresso

In a cappuccino drink, the espresso is a must ingredient, and there is about one-third of part addition of espresso in it. A cappuccino drink is incomplete without espresso, whether it’s a cold (iced espresso coffee) or hot cappuccino.

Caffeine content

Talking about the caffeine content in cappuccino, that would be no more than 65mg of caffeine per serving. The maximums about of caffeine a cappuccino can contain is 190 mg of caffeine. But cappuccino do contain more caffeine amount than Frappuccino.

So, what’s the difference between Frappe vs. Cappuccino vs. Frappuccino?

Summarizing the article into key points that would be:

  1. Cappuccino is mostly a hot coffee drink, while Frappuccino is an iced drink. This means cappuccino is steamed hot made with a fresh espresso, while Frappuccino is a cold beverage that includes coffee in it.
  2. A Frappuccino doesn’t need to include caffeine in it, but a cappuccino must include caffeine content. The reason behind Frappuccino not including caffeine most of the time is that it is a versatile drink and can be made in several ways. At the same time, cappuccino is made from espresso, which contains caffeine.
  3. A Frappuccino contains more sugar and fat content than a cappuccino. Cappuccino is zero caloric beverage, but Frappuccino is an enriched drink with whipped cream and toppings.
  4. Frappuccino does not necessarily contain espresso, but cappuccino includes espresso as the main ingredient.
  5. Similarly, frappe and Frappuccino are quite similar, but frappe is different from cappuccino as cappuccino is hit and frappe is cold.
  6. Cappuccino contains milk-formed espresso, while frappe is a creamy and nutrient-enriched drink.
  7. The taste of frappe is sweet, and cappuccino is unsweetened in real life but can be sweetened with sugar.