Flapjacks vs. Pancakes – What’s The Difference?

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Do you want to talk about two delicious breakfast treats? Flapjack and pancake- the two most delicious desserts often mistaken as one thing.  Well, you might also be confused that it is not the same? Is flapjack another name for pancake? Well, discover it yourself by reading the article.

One of the most amazing piece of information about flapjack and pancake is that both are considered the same food in the US but different in the UK. The main difference between the both is that the preparation method, ingredients, consistency of batter and toppings.

For instance, flapjacks are baked, and pancakes are fried on the stove. The main ingredient of flapjack is oats, while for pancake milk, butter, egg and flour are added. The pancake is thinner as compared to flapjack: all these factors make them different from one another.

To know furthermore related to flapjack and pancake, let us dig deeper into its processing, ingredients and origin.

Flapjack and Pancake in the US

In the United Nations, the flapjacks and pancakes are consumed interchangeably. Both flapjacks and pancakes are thin, and round pieces are prepared from the batter of the cake and later on are fried instead of being baked.  The main ingredients in both are milk, sugar and flour.

To make them fluffier, baking powder is added as a leavening agent. The topping of yummiest sauce such as strawberry and chocolate is mostly added as the topping and some fruit slices. Flapjacks and pancakes are both served at breakfast o as a dessert.

In some areas of the United States, the flapjacks are called thin cakes, while in some areas are called pancakes. Flapjacks and pancakes are also called hotcakes and griddlecakes.  The important point is not to mix up waffles with flapjacks and pancakes, which is totally different.

Flapjack and Pancake in the UK

IN the United Kingdom, the flapjacks and pans are considered different. As mentioned below:

1. Pancakes

Pancakes are thin cakes that are made from the batter of the cake. In the UK, the pancake is further thinner as compared to in the US and has crispy ends. The ingredients included are syrups, jam, fruits and honey. In the UK, pancakes are utilized in breakfast on a daily basis.

Nutritional Facts:

Pancakes are considered healthy breakfast food which is caloric dense. Two-person serving size pancake with butter and syrup contains:

  • 520 kcal total calories
  • 0 g fiber
  • 14 g fat
  • 90 g carbs
  • 3 g proteins


Pancakes are so easy to make. You have to take the right quantity of ingredients: two eggs, one cup milk, four teaspoon oil, half cup brown sugar, one and a half cup flour, two teaspoon baking powder and half teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients well.

Make a batter of thick consistency. And on the stove, place the pan and add little butter. Let the butter melt and once the pan is heated, add the butter and let it get cooked. Once you see the pancake getting all brown and crispy, lastly add topping that you like and enjoy your pancake.

2. Flapjacks

On the other hand, flapjacks are totally different in the UK that means they are oat slices that are sliced and are similar to granola bars. The filling included in flapjacks are dried fruit, nuts, chocolate and coconut.  Flapjacks are mostly served with tea or coffee.

Nutritional facts:

A flapjack which is prepared at home is nutrient enriched and contains the following nutritional properties:

  • 190 kcal total calories
  • 24 g carbs
  • 8g fats
  • 4 g proteins


Flapjacks are little difficult to make as compared to pancakes but we have mentioned below the most easiest recipe.  Add all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and nutmeg) to a bowl. Beat the eggs separately and mix in milk in the eggs.

Add little vanilla essence to the mixture of eggs and milk and melt the butter on low to medium flame. Add the melted butter to the milk mixture and start adding the dry ingredients. The consistency of the batter will get thicker in the end bake the batter of thick consistency in the oven.

Different Ingredients

Let’s see what difference flapjack and pancake contain in ingredients. Let us dip deep into the preparation of these two delicious treats.

1. Pancake Ingredients

The main ingredients added in a pancake are flour, milk, egg, butter and baking powder. One can also add additional ingredients to enhance the taste, such as coconut powder, nuts, etc. Sugar is also added to give a more tasty and sweet taste, especially for those who love sweet dishes.

Sometimes vanilla essence is also added in as a topping. Butter and oil are also added in, such as buttermilk, which gives a lighter taste. As for the topping, you can add chocolate chips, fruits, or anything you like eating.

2. Flapjack Ingredients

Flapjack’s main ingredient is oat with the addition of butter, sugar and any syrup. The addition of Brown sugar is also an important part of flapjack. Some of the other ingredients that can be added are:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Dried fruit
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Coconut powder
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Goji berries
  • Strawberries

Addition of healthy food items such as apples or bananas to mix up and thicken the batter consistency also helps maintain good nutrition and appearance. The most common toppings of flapjacks are icing sugar, cocoa powder and hot water addition.

So, What’s the Difference between Flapjack and Pancake?

Moving on towards the main subject of the article, which is the difference between flapjack and pancake, which includes:

  1. The batter of the pancake is thin compared to the batter of flapjack, which has a thick consistency.
  2. The main ingredient of flapjack is oats, while the main ingredient of pancake is milk, eggs, flour and sugar.
  3. Flapjacks are baked while pancakes are fried.
  4. Pancakes are plain, but flapjacks contain extra toppings.