Exploring Different Sizes of Canning Jars

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Different sizes of canning jarsCanning jars come in various sizes, and the size of the jar determines the purpose and what goes in each of the home-canning jars. Whether you’re looking to preserve your favorite jam recipes or try your hand as a home canner, understanding canning jar sizes is essential to ensure you select the right one for your needs. 

When deciding on a jar size for aesthetic purposes, consider how much food you want to display in your glass jars —do you want one large piece or several small pieces? You may also want to consider how many jars you need—do you need just one or several? Additionally, consider whether space is an issue— larger jars tend to take up more room on shelves than a smaller jar would. They also can take up space in a pressure cooker which can cause your canning process to take longer. Let’s break down the different types of canning jars and their respective sizes. 

Types of Canning Jars 

Canning jars are made from glass, typically with a screw-on lid that seals tight when tightened properly, but the differences from there are plenty, including mouth size and mason jar size. The most common type is wide-mouth jars, which make it easy to fill and empty without spilling or causing jar breakage. Other less common types include canning jars with two-piece lids, which are more secure and provide more airtight seals than wide-mouth mason jars, and there’s no end to the brands that produce these jars. From Anchor Hocking to brand names like Ball mason jars, you will find what you need.

Pint Jars

Pint jars are one of the most commonly used sizes for canning in the wide variety of sizes available. These smaller glass mason jars are the best choice for preserving jams, jellies, pickles, fruits, and vegetables. A standard pint jar holds 16 ounces or two cups of liquid or other food items. They usually have canning lids consisting of a flat metal disc with a rubber seal attached to it, which is placed on top of the jar before securing it with a metal clamp. 

Quart Jars

Quart jars are slightly larger than pint jars and hold 32 ounces or four cups of liquid or food items with a wide-mouth lid. They are a good size for preserving large amounts of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes or corn kernels. Quart jars also use the same two-piece lid system as pint jars but require more force to secure them properly due to their larger size. 

Half-Gallon Jars

Half-gallon jars are much larger than pint and quart jars and hold 64 ounces or eight cups of liquid or food items. These heavy-duty glass containers are a good choice for storing large amounts of liquids such as grape juice, pasta sauce, or soup stock, as well as large pieces of fruit like peaches or plums that may not fit into smaller canning jars. They also have a two-piece lid system similar to pint and quart jars but require even more force to secure them firmly on the jar’s rim. 

Regular Mouth Jars 

Regular mouth jars are typically used for jams, jellies, salsas, and other preserves. They come in two sizes—a pint (16 oz) and a half-pint (8 oz). These are the most common type of canning jars on the market today, but they also have many other uses, such as storage for leftovers, salad dressings, and sauces. Regular mouth jars also make great gifts since they come in various colors and styles. 

Wide Mouth Jars 

Wide-mouth jars are typically used for pickles, sauces, relishes, and fruits. The wide mouths make it easy to insert fruits or vegetables into the jar without cutting them into smaller pieces. Wide-mouth jars come in quart (32 oz), pint (16 oz), and half-pint (8 oz) sizes. This type of canning jar is also preferred when making larger batches since they’re easier to fill than regular-mouthed jars. 

Specialty Jars 

Specialty-sized cans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from 4 ounces all the way up to 1 gallon! While these specialty-sized canning jars are generally used for more decorative purposes like wedding favors or homemade candles, they can also be used for food preservation purposes like pickles or jams if you need something more compact than a traditional pint or quart jar. 

Brands of Canning Jars

Kerr Jars 

Kerr makes wide-mouth canning and regular-mouth mason jars in various sizes, from 4 ounces to half gallons (64 ounces). They come in clear or amber glass colors that allow you to easily see what is inside each jar, and they have lids that create an airtight seal when heated during the canning process. Kerr also makes special “self-sealing” lids that make it easier to seal the jar without worrying about it coming undone later. 

Ball Jars     

Ball produces a wide selection of canning jars ranging from 8 to 64 ounces. Ball has been making quality products since 1884, and they have perfected their craft over time. Their wide-mouth design allows for easy access, while their unique “Sure Seal” rings ensure a tight seal every time. Like Kerr, Ball also offers decorative colored glass options such as blue and green. Ball also offers special “Decorative Series” mason jars with detailed designs that make them perfect for gift-giving or display purposes. Whether you need small jelly jars or larger half-gallon mason jars, Ball has something for everyone! 

With so many different types of canning jars available on the market today, it’s important to understand which size is best suited for your needs before purchasing any supplies. Whether you’re looking to preserve your favorite jam recipe or store food leftovers, selecting the right size is essential for success! By understanding the differences between regular-mouth jars, wide-mouth jars, and specialty-sized cans, you’ll be able to choose the right jar size every time confidently!