Dutch Oven Desserts

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Quick and easy Dutch Oven DessertsDutch oven desserts can be a part of your next camping trip. A boxed cake mix is used to make several of these delectable delights, so these delicious desserts are not only yummy but easy too!

How to Make Dutch Oven Recipes

The use of a Dutch oven is excellent for baking. You may prepare fantastic breakfasts and filling dinners in addition to delectable sweets.

Requirements for Dutch Oven Baking

Requirements for Dutch Oven Baking are as follow:

Dutch Oven Essentials

Cast iron feet support the bottom of the Dutch oven used for camping so that it may be raised above the heat source. These tough ovens are built to last a lifetime. Here is a list of everything you need to prepare camping meals.

Dutch Oven Camping Favorite Desserts

There are many distinct sections in this delicious dessert collection. Since chocolate appears to be the most popular, I’ve begun there. Popular cakes, s’mores recipes, apple recipes, summer fruits, and classic tastes are included after that. You may be sure to discover a variety of selections to suit your palate and make your taste buds happy.

Chocolate Dutch Oven Favorite Recipes

These simple chocolate camping dishes will win the hearts of chocolate lovers.

Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake

It’s simple to create this Dutch oven chocolate cake with chocolate chips. It has won various culinary contests because it is so delectable.

Dutch Oven Chocolate Cherry Cake

Do you adore cherries and chocolate together? Try it.

Dutch Oven Chocolate Brownies

These Dutch Oven Brownies need only three simple ingredients. It must be the easy recipe in this assortment.

Dutch Oven Lava Cake

Do you adore nuts, caramel, and chocolate together? Then this Dutch Oven Turtle Lava Cake is something you must try.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

This Dutch Oven Peanut Butter Cup Cake is made using two of the most well-liked chocolates. Look at all that delicious chocolate and peanut butter!

Mini Lava Cake

Both making and eating these Dutch Oven Mini Lava Cakes are enjoyable.

Mississippi Mud Cake

I’m not sure why, but the mud seems heavier down south., especially in this Dirty Dish Club Dutch Oven Mississippi Mud Cake.

Popular Dutch Oven Easy Desserts

These delectable recipes are some of the most popular searches and sharing. There are several to choose from that will make people pleased.

Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake

Lemon and blueberries make a wonderful mix. At the campground, enjoy this Dutch Oven Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Cake

Enjoy camping in the autumn? A great way to savor this autumn taste is with this Dutch Oven Pumpkin Pie Cake. Is that anything, a pie or a cake? Each is true!

Dutch Oven Classic Dump Cake

In this Dutch Oven, Dump Cake, cherry pie filling, and pineapple combine traditionally. This will vanish soon, so grab a fork and dive in!

Dutch Oven Rhubarb Crunch

Use up the rhubarb in your yard by making this delicious Rhubarb Crunch. Rhubarb may even be used frozen. 

Dutch Oven Smores Recipes

S’mores are the most popular camping treat in America. Check out these graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate-flavored cast-iron masterpieces.

S’mores Dump Cake

This Dutch Oven dessert dish is a s’more overload and is also known as Death by S’mores Cake. Your family will savor this decadent delicacy.

S’mores Brownies

What results from the combination of brownies and s’mores? S’more brownies are provided. Would you like more?

Dutch Oven S’mores Dip

Have you yet made this Dutch oven s’mores dip? This recipe of s’mores is a tasty treat, simple, and serves many people.

S’more Pie Dutch Oven

This Dutch Oven S’more Pie from the Dutch Oven Dude is a must-try if you like pie.

Dutch Oven Apple Recipes

Although October is apple season, you can buy apples all year round. That’s fantastic news for the recipes that come next!

Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Dessert 

This Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll Pie’s crust is made of cinnamon rolls. This delicious delicacy is a hybrid of monkey bread and a casserole.

Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler

This Apple Crumble Dutch Oven Recipe was given to us by Peggy, a camping companion. Camping in the autumn is ideal there.

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Apple Cake

Although the texture of this cinnamon apple cake is more akin to coffee cake, it is nevertheless enjoyable to eat for dessert.

Dutch Oven Cranberry Dumb Cake

This Cranberry Apple Dump Cake will be a hit if you share my love of cranberries. This dish is delicious whether nuts are used as the topping or not.

Apple Crisp

Most of the recipes in this collection may be cooked in a Dutch oven, although only a few were done in a pan. This delicious gluten-free Apple Crisp is a simple recipe to prepare.

Apple Fluff

Make this delightful Dutch Oven Apple Fluff dish to try something a little bit different.

Dutch Oven Fruit Recipes

Summer fruits may be utilized to create some sweet treats for camping. Check out these recipes that my fellow campers have given.

Texas Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

Enjoy this outstanding Texas Peach Cobbler for a taste of the lone stars. The lattice crust on top of this delectable dessert is shaped like Texas.

Blackberry Dutch Oven Cobbler

Only three ingredients are needed for this straightforward Campfire Blackberry Cobbler recipe, prepared directly over an open flame. Pie-filling tastes may be changed to create a distinct dessert first time.

Whiskey Peach Cobbler

Have you ever tried peaches and whiskey together? They work well together. Even though the Whiskey Peach Cobbler is pictured in a skillet, you can also use a Dutch oven.

Blueberry Cobbler

This Blueberry Cobbler, shown in a skillet but may as well be prepared in a Dutch oven, is perfect if you like outdoor cooking with cast iron when camping. It is a delectable delicacy served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Berry Hazelnut Cobbler Pie

This Triple Berry Hazelnut Crumble Pie best embodies summer.

Blackberry Peach Crisp

In your Dutch oven, prepare a delightful Blackberry Peach Crisp. It is a wonderful marriage of two summertime fruits.

Raspberry Pudding Cake

This Raspberry Pudding Cake, which can be readily substituted with your preferred berry, is another hit.

Traditional Desserts for Camping

We must not overlook these more conventional treats. These recipes include cheesecake, rolls, and bread.

Giant Dutch Oven Cinnamon Roll

Is it a cinnamon roll dessert or breakfast? In any case, having this Dutch Oven Cinnamon Roll while camping will be enjoyable.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The world’s greatest, simplest pineapple upside-down cake is prepared in a Dutch oven! 1000+ satisfied diners have tried and endorsed this recipe! Bake this almost foolproof dish on your next trip or even in your garden.

Carrot Cake

The next time, bake a rich carrot cake in a Dutch oven.

Dutch Oven Cheese Cake

Use a Dutch oven for baking this cheesecake, then cover it with pie filling.

Dutch Oven Sugar Cookie

You may use this simple recipe to make sugar cookies in a Dutch oven. You can replace simple white sugar with brown sugar.

Cake & Berry Campfire Cobbler

The flavor of a home will be brought to the camping with this Cake & Berry Cobbler dish.

Breakfast Recipes

The breakfast recipes in the Dutch oven are a treat to eat in the morning.

 Sheepherder’s Breakfast

We’ve already had breakfast suited for a mountain man. Now let’s move on to one for a shepherd. This dish calls for frozen hash browns, bacon, and onion and takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook. For a full, filling dinner, serve it with some bread, coffee, and juice.

Dutch Oven Pizza

You had me at pizza.

This breakfast dish has a crust made of cornmeal batter, a batter made of eggs, and toppings of ham, cheese, tomatoes, and green onions.

Dutch Oven Caramel Apple French Toast 

What results from combining French bread, apples, cinnamon, and caramel? Use this fantastic camping breakfast dish. YUM.

Dutch Oven Dutch Baby with Berries

You’ll want to try these Dutch babies, also known as German pancakes, as soon as you attempt this recipe. Additionally, they are renowned for being utterly tasty and seductive. Try topping it with blackberries, powdered sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice rather than syrup. Who’s hungry?

Dutch Oven Bread Recipes 

Crusty Dutch Oven Bread

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from attempting this Dutch oven bread recipe from 4 Sons R Us, as it just calls for four ingredients and doesn’t need kneading.

This is the ideal no-fuss camping dish since all you need is flour, salt, yeast, and warm water. With very little effort, it provides the warm, yeasty, fresh-baked bread flavor that we are all familiar with and appreciate.

Zucchini Bread

This Dutch Oven Zucchini Bread is a healthy dessert choice. It is a perfect way to use up leftover garden zucchini.

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bread

This recipe calls for 12 hours of rising time, but it seems well worth it. Simply prepare the cookie dough the night before, and then let it rise while you sleep. Just be aware that the dough needs an extra 25 minutes to rise before baking for 40 minutes the following morning.

Here is a helpful video on adapting recipes for normal ovens to Dutch oven cooking if you’d like to cook this over a campfire or open fire.

Garlic Bread

This recipe for Dutch oven bread looks incredible and a great thing for camping, but it also comes together quickly since it begins with regular artisan bread from the grocery store. I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to go out on the open road simply to make this!

Watch the video below or see the whole recipe here. I’m drooling. Are you drooling?

Dutch Oven Banana Bread

These suggestions and techniques for baking bread in a Dutch oven while camping can help you produce a loaf of bread that everyone will like, whether you use a mix or your recipe.

According to Practical Self Reliance, the secret to this recipe and Dutch oven cooking, in general, is “to lay hot coals both above and below the vessel.”

Here is the recipe for Dutch oven banana bread.

Dutch Oven Jalapeno Bread

This recipe for Dutch oven bakery-style bread is really simple. Although it does need 12 to 18 hours to rise, you can easily prepare it before night (there are only 6 ingredients) and let it do so while you sleep. Alternately, you may prepare it in the morning, let it rise all day, and eat it at supper.

The dish’s creator asserts that she thinks parmesan garlic hummus was created just for dipping this bread. I’d have to concur. Here is the recipe.