Does Zigzag Vine Go Bad

Does Zigzag Vine Go Bad?

Zigzag vine is not a famous fruit, but it is used a lot in Asian countries. It is grown on a large tree, and these trees are mostly grown in Asia. Zigzag vine is a yellow-colored fruit, and it looks like a loquat. When you look at the zigzag vine, you will say that it is a loquat, but it is not. It has the same shape, color, size, and texture as loquat. That is why it looks like a loquat.

It has a sweet and sour taste, and it is usually eaten raw. Fresh zigzag vines don’t last for a long time; just like loquat and other fruits, a time will come when they expire. If you do not know zigzag vine, this article will help you increase your knowledge about it.

How to Store Zigzag Vine?

Storing is the first thing that you should do after buying the zigzag vine. Because if you do not see the zigzag vine, it will go bad very quickly, and you will not enjoy it. It is a seasonal fruit, and you will only find it in summers.

Many people who love the zigzag vine want to stay fresh forever, but it is not possible. However, they can keep them fresh for some months by storing them properly. If you also want to preserve your zigzag vine and you want to enjoy it in other seasons as well, then you must follow the storage tips given below.

Store at room temperature

Zigzag vine can last for a week at room temperature but not more than that. If you store it at a normal temperature for a long time, it might go bad quickly. The shelf life of ripe zigzag vine at room temperature is shorter than the unripe zigzag vine.

Unripe zigzag vine first takes time to fully ripe, and later the degradation process starts at normal temperature, so you can easily store it at room temperature.

Keep it away from heat sources.

Fruits cannot stay fresh for a long time at high temperatures because, at high temperatures, there are more chances for the bacteria and the mold to grow in, and they destroy the fruits. Therefore, to keep the zigzag vine safe from bacteria, you must keep it away from heat sources.

Always store the zigzag vine in a cool and dark place whenever you store it at normal temperatures. If you are storing it in the basket, then keep the basket away from the sunlight.

Store in refrigerator

If you consider storing your zigzag vine for a long time so that you can enjoy it for many days, then you should store them in the refrigerator. The fresh zigzag vine stays fresh and safe from bacteria and insects for many weeks in the refrigerator, and you can also store the cut pieces of the zigzag vine in the refrigerator.

Use freeze bags or airtight containers for storing them in the refrigerator and if you store whole fresh zigzag vines, place them in the fruit drawer.

Can You Freeze Zigzag Vine?

Yes, you can freeze zigzag vine just like you freeze loquat. However, to extend the shelf life of the zigzag vine, you will not find any better place than the freezer. A large number of zigzag vines cannot stay fresh for a long time at room temperature if you don’t use them within a week, then freeze them to extend their shelf life.

You can freeze the cut pieces as well as the whole zigzag vine. The best way to store the zigzag vine is to blanch them and then freeze them. Blanching will clean the zigzag vines properly and will remove all the dust and dirt from them.

How Long Does Zigzag Vine Last?

You cannot tell the exact shelf life of the zigzag vine. The shelf life of the zigzag vine will be longest if you store it properly, and it will go bad within a couple of days if you do not store it in good conditions.

The zigzag vine can last for five days at room temperature, and the unripe zigzag vine will last for seven to eight days. Zigzag vine can retain its freshness and quality for almost a month in the fridge, and it can stay fresh for almost three months in the freezer.

How to Tell If Zigzag Vine Is Bad?

You can tell whether zigzag vine is fresh or not by checking its traits. If you notice the symptoms of spoilage, then it means that the fruit has gone bad.

  • Appearance is the first thing that you need to check in the zigzag vine. Normally, it is firm to touch, but if it has a soft and pulpy texture, you should toss it out.
  • Zigzag vine is bright yellow. If you notice that some parts of it have turned brown, then you should throw it out.
  • If it tastes bad, then you should avoid eating it.