Does Yau Choy Go Bad

Does Yau Choy Go Bad?

Yau Choy, also known as Bok Choy, is one of the unique vegetables that you will find on this planet. It is mostly found in China and the Southern countries, and it is famous as Chinese cabbage or white cabbage in China. It contains vitamin A, C, and much other nutrition, which is very beneficial for the health.

It comes in the category of green leafy vegetables, and it will also expire one time. It is because of its short lifespan. People who use Yau Choy never want it to go bad, but it cannot happen. If you are not familiar with Yau Choy and you are looking for some helpful information about it, then luckily, you are at the right place. Some important things regarding the expiry, storage, and lifetime of Yau Choy are explained briefly in this article.

How to Store Yau Choy?

Once you have bought Yau Choy for you, the second thing you must do after taking it to your home is to take care of its storage conditions. Having a short lifespan, Yau Choy cannot last for a long time, but you can extend its life by storing it properly.

Like you store cabbage and other vegetables, you can also similarly store Yau Choy; there no rocket science in storing the Yau Choy for a long time. You can also take help from the storage tips that we have explained below:

Store in a cool and dark place

You can store Yau Choy in a cool and dark place. Yes, it has a short shelf life, but still, you can store it for some time at a normal temperature. So, for example, if you have bought Yau Choy and you are sure that you will cook it within a couple of days, then without any worries, you can keep it in a cool and dark place. You can store it in the pantry or the kitchen or keep it in the vegetable basket on the table.

Keep it covered

If you store Yau Choy at room temperature, you will have to take care of it. Therefore, it will be a good option to keep the Yau Choy leaves covered at room temperature. For this purpose, you can use airtight containers or plastic bags to keep them safe and fresh.

Store in refrigerator

The best place for the long and safe storage of Yau Choy is the refrigerator. The refrigerator provides a cool and calm environment to the food products, extending their shelf life to some extent. If you have bought a large amount of Yau Choy and you know that you cannot use it within a couple of days, store them in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life.

Store in freezer

To add a long time to the shelf life of Yau Choy, a freezer is the best place.

Can You Freeze Yau Choy?

Whenever we talk about long-term preservation, we always consider freezing as our best option. But can you freeze Yau Choy? Like cabbage and other green and leafy vegetables, Yau Choy also freezes very well, and it can retain its quality and freshness for a long time in the freezer.

If you have bought Yau Choy in a large amount and you are sure to use it all within a week, then you must go for the freezing option so that you can extend its shelf life. So, the next time when you will use it, then it will be in a fresh condition. Before freezing Yau Choy, transfer it in the freezer bags or airtight containers.

How Long Does Yau Choy Last?

Storage will decide the shelf life of Yau Choy. If you store your Yau Choy in a good way, then you will enjoy it for a long time. But if you will not pay any attention to its storage, then it will expire quite early.

The lifetime of Yau Choy at normal temperature is very short. It can only stay fresh for one or two days after being harvested. So, you must keep them in a cool refrigerator environment where they will be able to stay fresh for three to five days. To add more days and weeks to the shelf life of Yau Choy, you can store it in the freeze, where it can last for a couple of months.

How to Tell If Yau Choy Is Bad?

Yau Choy being a leafy green vegetable can spoil very early, and once it expires, it will change its taste, smell, and texture. To tell whether your Yau Choy is fresh or not, keep the following things in mind:

  • Expired Yau Choy has a bad taste, so if your Yau Choy tastes bad, then get rid of it immediately.
  • If the bacteria have formed on the leaves and it has become softer and mushier in texture, then it means that Yau Choy has expired. So you will have to get a new one.