Does Yangmei Go Bad

Does Yangmei Go Bad?

Yangmei, also known as yamamomo and Chinese bayberry, is a popular fruit in China, and it is famous for its delicious and sweet taste. It is a berry-like fruit, and it is purplish-red. It is found in a round shape and somehow resembles the strawberry. It is grown on a tree that can grow up to 10 meters. Yangmei is a seasonal fruit, and you can find it in the supermarket in April and May.

Like strawberries and other fruits, Yangmei also has a short lifetime, and it can go bad very quickly if you do not take care of it. IF you are not familiar with this berry, then this article is for you. First, we have briefly discussed in detail the storage, shelf life, and storage of Yangmei.

How to Store Yangmei?

Yangmei fruit has a short shelf life, and people mostly eat it raw. It can go bad very quickly if you do not take care of it. Whenever you buy Yangmei, the first thing you need to do is store it properly to last for a long time.

All the Yangmei lovers want it to last forever, but it is not possible. So to extend the shelf life, they can store it properly. If you don’t know that how you can store Yangmei, then you can follow the storage tips given below.

Store at room temperature

Yangmei may have a short shelf life, but it is not that short as you can store it at room temperature for some time. If you have bought some Yangmei and you are sure that you will use all these within three days, then it will be best for you to store them at room temperature.

Better place them in a cool and dark place where they can stay safe from insects. You can store the Yangmei in a fruit basket and place it on the table. And you can also store it in your pantry or the kitchen.

Avoid washing

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, and oxygen can speed up oxidation, which is not good for food products, especially fruits. So, we recommend you only wash the Yangmei when you want to eat them. Before storage, never wash the Yangmei.

Store in refrigerator

Fruits can only stay fresh for a long time in the refrigerator. So, if you have bought some Yangmei and you are not sure whether you can use them within three days or not as they are in large number, you should only go for refrigeration.

Storing too many Yangmei at room temperature about which you are not sure whether you will use them within three days or not is not a good option. The best place for their storage is the only refrigerator that will keep them fresh for a long time. You can place it in the fruit drawer of the fridge.

Can You Freeze Yangmei?

Yes, you can freeze Yangmei as it also freezes very well. Yangmei is a seasonal fruit, and everyone who likes it wants to keep them fresh for a long time so that they can enjoy it in their seasons as well. So you can make it possible by freezing the Yangmei.

Freezing will extend the shelf life of Yangmei, and it will last for many months. Before freezing the Yangmei wash them properly to remove the dust and dirt from it and then wait for it to dry. After it has dried properly, transfer it to the freezer bags for long-term preservation.

How Long Does Yangmei Last?

The lifetime of Yangmei only depends on the storage. It is up to you now whether you want to keep it fresh for a long time or not. Because if you store Yangmei, then it will last for a long time. Most people prefer to store the Yangmei on the countertop as they are sure that they can use it quickly.

At normal temperature, Yangmei can last for almost three days. But if you cannot use the Yangmei within three days, then store it in the fridge, where its shelf life will extend up to a week to ten days. Freeze can extend the shelf life of Yangmei up to two months.

How to Tell If Yangmei Is Bad?

Like Chinese, Bayberry Yangmei has a short shelf life, and when it goes bad, it will show some indications by looking at which we will be able to tell whether it is fresh or not. Check the following signs in Yangmei:

  • It is soft and firm to touch. But it has become mushier and lost all its texture, and then you should avoid eating it.
  • If Yangmei tastes bad or sour, you are left with the only option to throw it away.
  • Give Yangmei a good sniff, and if its smell is not pleasant, then you should not eat it.