Does Xigua Go Bad

Does Xigua Go Bad?

Xigua is a Chinese name for watermelon, and the meaning it is western fruit. Xigua is one of the most common and loved fruit all around the globe, and it is known for its juicy and sweet taste. Xigua has a hard outermost covering and has sweet flesh inside. Almost ninety percent o Xigua is water, and it is a seasonal fruit you will only find in the summers.

As a Xigua lover, a question may arise in your brain, does Xigua go bad? Like melon and other fleshy fruits, Xigua will not last forever, and it will go bad after its shelf life is over. Unfortunately, Xigua has a short shelf life, and it can go bad rapidly. In this article, we have briefly discussed the storage, lifetime, and spoiling of Xigua.

How to Store Xigua?

Storage is one of the most important things for fruits. They already have a short shelf life, and if you do not store them properly, they will go bad rapidly. You need to take good care of all the fleshy fruits because they go bad more quickly than other fruits.

People who love Xigua never want it to go bad, but it is a seasonal fruit, and they wish to store it for a long time to enjoy it in the other seasons as well. Therefore, some important storage tips for Xigua are mentioned below in this article.

Store in a cool and dark place

Xigua has a hard and thick outermost covering. This covering protects it from going bad early, and it is a reason that Xigua can last for some time at room temperature. So if you have bought a whole fresh Xigua, you don’t need to put it directly in the fridge.

You can store it for some time at room temperature until you cut it. After that, it will be best to store Xigua in a cool and dark place because the cooler the place, the longer the Xigua will last. You can store Xigua in the pantry or on the countertop of your kitchen for some time.

Store in refrigerator

As long as the Xigua is uncut, you can store it for some time at room temperature. But if you cut it and use some part of it and have some leftovers, you should store it in the fridge. Never store the cut pieces of Xigua at room temperature because it will go bad very quickly.

A refrigerator is the best place to store the leftovers of Xigua. It also extends the shelf life of the fruit. You can store the cut pieces of Xigua in the fruit drawer of your fridge.

Keep it wrapped

You can store the cut pieces of Xigua in the fridge for some time, but if you want to store it in the freezer for more than one day, it will be best for you to keep the pieces wrapped properly. In addition, it will protect the Xigua from drying and strong odors.

Can You Freeze Xigua?

If you have more Xigua and you want to store it for a long time, then freezing would be the first thing that would come to your mind but can you freeze Xigua? For long-term preservation and to keep the leftover fresh for a long time, yes, you can freeze Xigua.

If you cannot handle the leftovers, then you can freeze them. Freezing will affect the texture of the fruit, but it will not allow it to spoil. If you want to freeze Xigua, you will have to cut it into pieces, and if you have cut pieces of Xigua, then transfer them in freezer bags o airtight containers and store them in the freezer.

How Long Does Xigua Last?

Like other fruits, Xigua does not last for a long time. The shelf life of Xigua depends on the way you handle it. Good storage means that the Xigua will last for a long time. The shelf life of whole and cut Xigua is different.

A whole fresh Xigua can last for almost a week at room temperature. But if you will cut it, it will not last for even a couple of days at room temperature. The whole Xigua can last for a couple of weeks, and cut pieces can last for three to four days in the refrigerator. It can last for a month in the freezer too.

How to Tell If Xigua Is Bad?

The shelf life of Xigua is not long. If you have bought a fresh one, it will last for a long time compared to the Xigua, which is not fresh. To tell whether Xigua is spoiled or not, take care of some important things:

  • Figure as a pure red color, but after cutting, if you notice discoloration, then it means that it is not fresh.
  • If the Xigua is mushier and softer in texture, then you should avoid eating it.
  • Taste Xigua; if it tastes bad or smells bad, then get rid of it at once.