Do West Indian Gherkins Go Bad

Does West Indian Gherkin Go Bad?

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West Indian Gherkin is a small size, not very long shape kind of Cucumber. It is also known as maroon Cucumber, burr gherkin, maxixe, and cackrey. Its scientific name is Cucumis anguria. It is native to Africa but is now cultivated in many places of the world.

They are a good source of vitamin A, potassium, Vitamin K, and beta carotene. They are very beneficial for kidney stones, freckles, ringworm, hemorrhoids, stomach troubles, jaundice, and edema. On the other hand, they can also go bad under certain circumstances.

How to Store West Indian Gherkin

Cucumbers are one of the most common vegetables in our fridge. They’re crispy, refreshing, and delicious! But do you know how to store them? Well, here we are going to discuss few methods.

It’s difficult to keep a West Indian Gherkin fresh. You need to store it properly so that it doesn’t go bad too quickly or spoil before you can use all of the produce. The same techniques for storing cucumbers will work well on this type and make sure there is enough space and ventilation between items stored if they are being put into containers.

At Room Temperature

West Indian Gherkin can be kept on the kitchen shelf at room temperature, but it won’t last much longer. The best way to keep this vegetable fresh is by keeping it in the dark and cold place such as your fridge or freezer, where temperatures are low enough that bacteria cannot thrive.

Keep in Refrigerator

Sometimes, it’s not easy to eat fresh vegetables all the time. However, west Indian Gherkins are a favorite that can last for up to one week when refrigerated! To store them properly, wrap them in paper towels and place them inside seal-able bags where they will stay fresh longer than if left out on your countertop alone.

Freeze It

For a long time, you can keep your cucumbers fresh by freezing them. You have two options: place the whole cake in the freezer or slice it up first and then freeze each cube separately. Slice-and-freeze is more recommended because once thawed; they’ll be easier to use than if you just threw one frozen Cucumber into boiling water for five minutes.

Make Pickle

People also pickle the West Indian Gherkin and store them. Pickling fresh cucumbers are best because it maintains all of its natural taste. The West Indian Gherkin is a type of Cucumber that can be stored for up to 3 years. To pickle the fresh vegetable, peel and slice it before dipping in vinegar saltwater. You also have the option to add other vegetables, depending on your recipe.

Can You Freeze West Indian Gherkin

The West Indian Gherkin can be stored in a freezer, but it is not preferred. Instead, you can place the sliced Cucumber in water and then freeze it. This is the best way to preserve its taste as well, but if you want a faster option, cut them into ice cube size pieces and put them in an ice-cubes tray with some water before freezing.

Freezing the West Indian Gherkins might change its taste, so if you’re going to store them for a longer period, do something different. If you want to freeze them, then frozen Cucumber can last its taste for up to 6 months.

How Long Does West Indian Gherkin Last

If you want to keep your cucumbers fresh, it’s best not to store them at room temperature. However, if they’re stored in areas with cold climates or a refrigerator, the Cucumber will last up 2 – 3 days after purchase but must never be left for more than one week at room temp.

Storing cucumbers in the refrigerator can be a good option. Even though they will go soft and exhibit expiry signs after five days of storage, but if they are sliced, they’ll dry within a day, even when stored at four degrees Celsius – which is cold.

You can freeze cucumbers to keep them fresh for months, but they will taste different after thawing. It’s best to use the frozen Cucumber within three months of freezing, or you could end up with a soggy mess.

How To Tell If West Indian Gherkin Is Bad

West Indian Gherkin, when gone bad, is full of easy-to-spot signs. We will tell you a few of the indications that will help you find out the spoiled Cucumber. These include:

  • Texture: The West Indian Gherkin that has lost its crisp texture and instead feels slimy or mushy will be a sure sign the vegetable needs to be thrown out as it can no longer provide any nutritional benefits.
  • Appearance: Fresh cucumbers are plump and firm. As time goes on, they will start to soften up if not stored properly; this is due largely to the oxidation of chlorophylls and enzymes, breaking down plant fibers over weeks of storage at cold temperatures.
  • Taste: The spoiled Cucumber changes its taste too bitter.