Do Wax Gourds Go Bad

Does Wax Gourd Go Bad?

The wax gourd is also known as winter gourd, ash pumpkin, tallow gourd, Chinese preserving melon, ash gourd, and Puhul (Alu). Its scientific name is Benincasa hispida. It is a medium-sized oval-shaped vegetable with semi-hard skin and greenish. It gives the waxy coat after it gets ripened.

There are many health benefits of wax gourd that include treating nervous disorders like epilepsy, insanity, and paranoia. It is also used in the treatment of diabetes. In addition, some people use its juice to cure peptic ulcers. On the other hand, it can also be used to treat dandruff and promote hair growth. Read through the article to know more about wax gourd.

How to Store Wax Gourd

The taste of wax gourd is not very sweet but mild in taste. These vegetables are both nutritious and can be used in various sectors. You cannot eat them in their raw form, but it is edible if it is boiled.

Some people like to eat wax gourd in the fried form. You can use oil to fry them until they are golden brown. Due to its mildly sweet taste, they taste very good.

Now that you have bought your wax gourd from the market, you must know how you can store this vegetable so that it can last long. You would be pleased to know that wax gourd has a long shelf life. So let’s have a look at a few of the storage methods.

Wash it If Necessary

You must know that you should not wash it until it is necessary to wash. If you wish to store it for a long time, it is important to keep it away from excessive moisture. The reason to do that is, moisture may cause the wax gourd to go bad readily.

If you do not wish to use your wax gourd immediately, you must keep it at room temperature or in the refrigerator but do not wash it before storing it. Only wash it when you want to consume it.

Away from Sunlight

Always make sure that your wax gourd is away from direct sunlight or artificial light because it can easily make it spoiled. So, keep it in any dark and dry place.

Keep in Refrigerator

To store anything for a very long time in the refrigerator is the best choice to keep your vegetable healthy and fresh. You can refrigerate it after chopping it or cutting it into slices then put them in the container.

Can You Freeze Wax Gourd

The simple answer to this question is that yes, you can store your wax gourd in the freezer; in fact, if you want to consume your wax gourd later in the future or the other seasons, freezing your wax gourd is the best possible method you can choose.

But here is the procedure that will help you to protect sliced vex cold to stick together. Blanch them first and then put them in the Freezing bag and finally put them in the freezer.

How Long Does Wax Gourd Last

After you have the knowledge that how you can store your wax gourd and which storage method is best to choose to store them for a long period, here is the time that you should also know that how long your wax gourd can last. The life of wax gourd depends on how it is stored and under what conditions it was kept.

Normally the shelf life of wax gourd is from two to three weeks If they are kept in the refrigerator. But if you want to consume them in a couple of days, you can keep them at room temperature. While on the other hand, the wax gourd can last for three months if stored in the freezer. Just make sure that the temperature is always kept constant.

How To Tell If Wax Gourd Is Bad

Everything has its expiry date, so does wax gourd. We will discuss a few indications that will help tell you if your wax gold is in a healthy form or has gone bad. Let’s have a look at those indications:

  • Texture: The spoiled wax gourd will start deteriorating its texture; the texture of spoiled gourd gets wilt.
  • Taste: If your wax gourd has gone bad, it will change its taste from sweet to bitter.
  • Smell: You can distinguish between the good and the bad wax gourd by using your nose. The spoiled wax gourd has a pungent smell.
  • Color: The color of a rotten vegetable start changing from green to dark yellow and eventually black. It is suggested not to eat the wax gourd, which has changed its color because, apart from its health benefits, the spoiled wax gourd can seriously harm your health as well.