Does Water Spinach Go Bad

Does Water Spinach Go Bad?

Water spinach is also known by other names like swamp spinach, Chinese water spinach, or Ong Choy in Cantonese. However, rather than the name of this vegetable, it is neither a kind of spinach nor belongs to the brassica family, unrelated to Kale and others.

Water spinach is a healthy green veggie, and it is an excellent source of fiber, magnesium, and vitamins like A, B6, and C. However, it goes bad if not looked after properly. Interested in getting to know more about the water spinach? Read our following article then.

How To Store Water Spinach?

So you are here to figure out all about this nutritious and wholesome species in a go. So let’s begin to discuss some of the vital things for you to be aware of. Out of those things, storage strategies should be our foremost concern.

For that purpose, we are listing and describing a few of the storage methods you may opt for while going to store its stock. It is only possible to make the most out of it if it is stored properly, that its shelf life may increase.  Therefore let’s deal with that first,

Check For The Finest Quality

We look for the best storage techniques to help our favorite meals last longer to utilize them more frequently. But there is yet another thing: check for wilting, dampness, or yellowish appearance, which indicates a shorter shelf life.

Avoid Washing It

So now, when you have considered the fact of purchasing quality water spinach. Do not let its quality be lowered just because of one foolish mistake of yours. Moisture seems pretty much bad for your fruits and vegetables; the case is like water spinach. So we urge you to wash it only if you are interested in consuming it right by.

Inside Your Refrigerator

Refrigerating water spinach is also a fair enough option for storing your delicious water spinach. To refrigerate, take a sealed container and keep it there wrapped in a damp paper towel. The best approach is to refrigerate it unwashed.

Freeze It

If you want your water spinach stock to last for an extended period, you may also freeze its stock. How do you do it so that it may be preserved for months? We will be discussing it in the below heading, so stay connected with us and find that.

Can You Freeze Water Spinach?

Yes, you can freeze water spinach. Freezing this sort of spinach is worthy of being done as it allows its quality to be retained. To achieve this thing, you may freeze it by the following method. First, make it puree with water. Once the puree is made, convert the puree into ice cube trays.

Then after transferring in the ice cube trays, allow them to rest inside the freezer and let the ice cubes freeze reasonably. Done with what we have told you above? Now, toss these green ice cubes in a freezer bag. After freezing, you may use it in stews or sauces.

How Long Does Water Spinach Last?

For how long your stock of water spinach lasts depends largely on the quality of it at the time of purchase and on one thing more, I.e., under what conditions are you storing it? Therefore, we will be discussing its shelf life under the influence of different conditions and make it all easy for you.

At room temperature, its stock will last only for up to 2 to 3 days. However, that shelf life decreases if you wash it and cannot remove all of the moisture that may be present. In the refrigerator, its shelf life maximizes up to 5 to 7 days.

If you freeze your stock of water or swamp spinach inside the freezer, as we told you above, its shelf life increases furthermore, I.e.for, up to 10 to 12 months easily. Therefore, adopt any method as per your feasibility and relax.

How To Tell If Water Spinach Is Bad?

To help your water spinach stock last in terms of quality and ensure your health and hygiene, we are telling you how to use your God gifted senses to figure that out. But, first, to avoid catching any foodborne illnesses, let’s read out some of the signs of spoilage that it exhibits after going bad.

  • Appearance: Water spinach that has gone bad or about to go bad tends to develop yellow color around.
  • Texture: Another sign that the water spinach begins to develop is getting soft and mushy.
  • Smell: An off smell is smelt for damaged stock of water spinach. Throw it in the garbage right away.
  • Taste: Another sign which the spoiled water spinach tends to show is the unbearable bad taste. If that is the case, there is no need to risk your health; therefore, replace it with fresh stock.