Does Vodka Go Bad?

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The answer is very simple and straightforward. No, the vodka does not go bad. Behind this allege, you may speculate what the circumstances and conditions are.

We are worried about it because of labels and warnings on the bottle by the FDA and conscious of our health. From the kick-off, vodka is tasteless and fragrance-free, so that’s why it cannot drop as much taste.

But that doesn’t mean it will not go bad forever; it can go bad. Vodka contains 40% ethanol alcohol. So the bacteria that cannot survive above 25% can grow in it. And make it ineffectual.

How to store vodka?

The storing of vodka is also quite easy. The reason is it does not go bad easily. But still, proper procedures have to be followed. Following the methods, vodka will stay fresh and usable. Vodka is distilled spirit. So it changes the taste very slowly. Following are some ways to store vodka.

Place keep it in a cool area

It is advised to keep the bottle of vodka in a place where the temperature is cold and dark. That’s how the shelf life of vodka will be more. You can be keeping it in the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are away from the stove.

Keep it away from sunlight

Many individuals that are enthusiasts of alcohol do not like the exposition of vodka to heat. Vodka contains alcohol. So it is recommended; keeping it away from all heat and sunlight sources because it affects vodka’s taste and makes it worse to drink.

Use the original cap to seal

The bottle of vodka should be tightly sealed. After the seal of the bottle is broken for use. It is preferable to seal the bottle tightly with its original cap.

The bottle will not be properly sealed if you use any replacement caps. The bottle not to be placed with the bottle pourer.

If the bottle is not properly sealed, then the bacteria can grow. The bacterium that is present in the environment may enter the bottle. Making the liquor present in the bottle worse to drink.

Store it in a proper container

The best is to store it in its original bottle. But after the amount of vodka in the bottle reaches half, it is advised to pour it in a small bottle of glass.

In a small bottle, oxidation will be slower. The oxidation will decrease because of less space which means less air. Slow oxidation will keep the taste good for longer.

How to freeze vodka?

You cannot freeze vodka no matter how long you keep it in the freezer. That does not mean that your freezer is malfunction. The temperature at which vodka will freeze is different. Because the temperature inside your freezer is different from the temperature at which vodka freezes.

The freezing point of water is 32 Fahrenheit. On the other hand, vodka’s freezing temperature is -173 degrees Fahrenheit because vodka is pure ethanol alcohol.

Once you put your vodka in the freezer, it won’t freeze into solid like other liquids. Yet it will become thicker, and that’s because the water in alcohol will freeze. But alcohol in vodka will not freeze quickly and easily.

How long does vodka last?

The lasting capability of vodka is long enough because it is a distilled spirit. The shelf-life of vodka is indefinite.

Suppose you bought a bottle in 2000 and didn’t open it anytime soon. That bottle is stored in your kitchen cabinet if you open it in 2021. The taste of vodka would be the same if you opened the bottle in 2000.

The bottle usually comes sealed with a cork. Even the liquor bottle that is not opened, the process of evaporation will take place but slowly. The taste will change if the bottle is sealed with a plastic cap.

Because of chemicals that lixiviate from plastic, but nothing to worry about. There is no health risk because the number of chemicals that lixiviate is minimal.

The evaporation process will a bit accelerates if you have opened the bottle. The liquid will not evaporate in a year or two. Vodka will not taste the same after a decade or two if the bottle has been opened.

How to tell if vodka is bad?

To know if vodka has gone bad is very easy to indicate. There are several ways with which you can know if your vodka has gone bad or not; those indicators are as follow;

  • If kept opened and the storing procedures have not been followed. Then your vodka will evaporate slowly. And the quantity of the bottle will indicate if it is less than it has been evaporated. That means it will not be the same at the onset. You will feel this indication not in weeks or months but after a few years.
  • After a few years, if you feel that vodka’s smell is funky. There is something wrong with liquor.
  • Though its natural taste is also not that pleasant, after years, if you suspect a very odd taste that means your vodka has gone bad.

If you found any of the above issues in your vodka, it is common to throw away your vodka.