Does Velvet Tamarind Go Bad

Does Velvet Tamarind Go Bad?

Velvet tamarind belongs to the Leguminosae family, grows under tropical climatic conditions, and also bears fruits. It has a hard black Velvet shell and tastes somewhat like tamarind. It tastes both sweet and sour. The Velvet Tamarind fruit has a lot of health benefits. The leaf decoction is used to solve problems of gastric ulcers. It is also a rich source of Vitamin C.

The leaves are enriched with diuretic properties helping in producing urine, also aids the heart to pump blood, thus removing the complications of hypertension. The analgesic properties of the fruit help in reducing menstrual pains.

How To Store Velvet Tamarind?

Velvet Tamarind is one of the unique fruits, and storing it properly is important. Although Velvet tamarind has a long life, you need to be well aware of the storage technique; otherwise, it can turn bad if not stored properly. Here we will discuss some ways to ensure that your fruit is well preserved and what condition you need to maintain while storing it at your home.

At your counter

Well, at your kitchen counter, they can last up to a week, all depending on how hot the temperature is. Since it is grown in tropical climates, heat and sunlight are not a big problem. Keep them at the counter uncovered if the shell has not cracked open, which means it hasn’t ripened yet. It will remain fresh for a few days after week; tamarind will start to lose its freshness.

In a Refrigerator

A refrigerator is the best place to store tamarind for long-term storage. The cool temperature creates an ideal condition for Velvet tamarind to last up to 3 months without any loss of taste. So, store your velvet tamarind in an airtight jar. The purpose of storing in an airtight jar is to keep the moisture away, easily spoil velvet tamarind. You can also use a resealable plastic bag, but it is not recommended as the seal after some time would not work.

Additionally, if you are using a resealable plastic bag, squeeze out all the air from it before sealing it. You can also store unripe velvet tamarind in the freezer for a year. All you need to do is place it in an airtight freezer bag. If you freeze unshelled tamarind, they might get freezer burn, reducing their shelf life. So, if you want to keep tamarind fresh, remember to keep it away from moisture.

Can You Freeze Velvet Tamarind?

If you have bought tamarind in huge quantities and you are worried about whether you can freeze it. Well, definitely yes! It is highly suggested that you freeze unripe velvet tamarind if you want your fruit to last for a long period. Freezing tamarind will protect it from deteriorating over time and drying out in the open air.

Freezing prevents loss of quality, and it further prevents any bacterial growth. So don’t leave your tamarind in the open air for many days. If you are planning to eat frozen tamarind, allow them to adjust to room temperature.

How Long Does Velvet Tamarind Last?

It depends on how well you have stored tamarind. Every fruit requires a certain condition to last longer. If you follow the step mentioned above, your fruit can last up to a year in the refrigerator without compromising its quality. On your counter, it can stay fresh for a week, but if left for more than a week, it will spoil. To prolong its shelf life, you must maintain hygienic conditions so that you can avoid bacterial growth.

So next time, if you are planning to consume tamarind all around the year, buy tamarind in bulk and store it in your freezer properly for a year, as mentioned above in this article. Remember to create moisture-free conditions to avoid any potential loss of quality. It would help if you took special care while storing velvet tamarind. Maintaining quality while storing for a long period is of important consideration.

How To Tell If Velvet Tamarind is Bad?

Velvet Tamarind can easily turn bad if not stored properly. It is easier to identify if tamarind has turned bad by looking at it or tasting it. If you find any of the signs mentioned below, don’t consume tamarind as it is no longer good for your health.

To enjoy the best taste quality, consume it when they are fresh or before the expiry date. So look for these signs; if you come across any, don’t consume them. Next time break a small piece from your stored velvet tamarind; if it tastes good, keep it; otherwise, throw the batch away because it can upset your stomach.

  • Appearance: fresh Velvet tamarind is soft. If it turns bad, it will have no flavor. If it turns bad, it will be hard.
  • Smell: the smell will change over some time, and it will no longer smell fresh.