Does Velveeta Cheese Go Bad?

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Velveeta cheese is a processed and pasteurized recipe cheese product. It is very different from real cheese as we can only use it in recipes. It is soft and creamy in texture. We can say that it is like butter in texture. You can use it as a bread spread. It makes the flavor of mac n cheese amazing. In short, you can use it in many home-made dishes.

Apparently, Velveeta cheese can go bad. It is a dairy product. But it is a little preserved, so the shelf life of this type of cheese is longer than real cheese. Just make sure to store it properly. That will help to make the Velveeta cheese stay long.

If you are not familiar with Velveeta cheese and you are cautious about its shelf life and storage methods, then this is the perfect article to follow.

How to Store Velveeta Cheese?

Storing Velveeta cheese is not a big deal. All you must do is to make sure that your cheese is on a dry and cool spot. Consider following the apt measures to store Velveeta cheese.

In your pantry

As long as your pantry is cool and dry, Velveeta cheese will remain safe and good to consume. Remember, this is only applicable for unopened packets of Velveeta cheese. Dairy products can remain good at room temperature.

Only if any moisture interacts with the packets, it can make the cheese go bad. Moisture is not good for any food product. So, make sure that the spot where you store the cheese is dry and moisture-free.

In the refrigerator

If you want to store leftovers of Velveeta cheese, the refrigerator is the right place. If the cheese is opened and you want to use it further, you must store it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it may go bad.

Ensure that when you put the cheese inside the refrigerator, the cheese is tightly packed. You can use any air-tight container or refrigerator bags that can be sealed properly. As a result, you will get the most out of your Velveeta cheese.

Away from heat sources

All heat sources are harsh for food materials. Especially for dairy products, heat and stuff are not good at all. It makes them go slimy and watery. When it comes to Velveeta cheese, the heat sources can make it go bad. The cheese may turn watery and spoiled.

Can we Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

The manufacturing company of Velveeta cheese does not recommend freezing the product. According to them, the texture and flavor of the cheese may go wrong. You might get hardened and non-creamy cheese as a result

If you have bought a bulk of Velveeta cheese and want to store it for longer use, you can freeze it. Remember, the texture will not be as fresh cheese, but you can use them in dishes like mac n cheese and cheese dip. Do not forget that you can only thaw the cheese once after freezing it.

The method to freeze Velveeta cheese is the same, i.e., properly seal the cheese in any air-tight container nor freezer bag. There should be no air passage in the container.

How long does the Velveeta Cheese last?

As the Velveeta cheese is pasteurized and processed cheese, it can stay good longer than the other types of cheese like cheddar and mozzarella. And if you have stored it properly, then it will remain good to consume for a year.

If the Velveeta cheese is placed at room temperature and is unopened, it can stay good for 7 to 8 months. In contrast, if the cheese is opened and placed in the refrigerator, it lasts for 2 to 3 months. Frozen Velveeta cheese can last for 8 to 9 months inside the refrigerator. All the time explained above is appropriate if the product does not meet unfavorable conditions.

How to tell if Velveeta Cheese is Bad?

Besides its long shelf life, Velveeta cheese will go bad eventually. As the days pass, the flavor and softness of cheese start to decrease. Bad and spoiled Velveeta may cause food poisoning. So, it is better to know that what are the signs and symptoms of spoiled Velveeta cheese.

  • First, if you see any kind of mold on the cheese, then it has gone bad. Stop using it immediately.
  • Secondly, if the cheese was exposed in the freezer or refrigerator, then it hardens. You should not use this type of cheese either.
  • Thirdly, if your cheese turns dry and parched, then toss it out.
  • Next comes the taste; if the taste of dairy products turns sour and bitter, then they have gone bad.
  • If the smell of the cheese is unusual and gross, you should throw it immediately.
  • Please do not use the cheese after its expiration date.