Does Vacherin Go Bad?

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Made from cow’s milk, Vacherin is a soft and rich cheese. It is prepared mainly in France and Switzerland. In texture, it has a yellow-washed rind with a touch of grey. Vacherin cheese is produced from August to March. It exists in two kinds i.e., Vacherin du Haut-Doubs or Vacherin Mont-d’Or.

Vacherin cheese is an excellent combination of carbs, calories, fats, and proteins as well. Vacherin cheese may be served directly either or as a portion of your favorite meals. If you are searching for some genuine information about the Vacherin cheese, then you’re at the right place.

How To Store Vacherin?

Before telling you how to preserve Vacherin cheese well, we urge you to follow one thing that we tell you now, I.e., not to purchase this cheese in excessive amounts. Well, this is true for the majority of the kinds of cheeses that you deal with. So, purchase Vacherin only according to their requirements.

We told you, and you followed our suggestion, what is next? Yes! How to store and conserve it and make the most out of its stock. For that purpose, we are bringing into your knowledge some of the finest storage tips so that you do not have to regret them later.

Avoid wrapping it in plastic

There is always one misconception about cheeses and that we have been following blindly. Cheese, be it any, needs air to stay well. If plastic is used to keep it, its quality is influenced; therefore, let it get straight to your mind that plastic is not a correct approach in storing Vacherin.

Parchment or wax paper

The perfect method for storing your cheese is to allow it to be refrigerated. To achieve that, you may consider using wax or parchment paper and wrap your Vacherin cheese in it loosely to allow the circulation of air and thus retain its quality.

Specialty cheese paper

What to do if you have not got wax or parchment paper in your home? No worries, there is one more thing to help you serve the purpose: the specialty cheese paper. This piece of paper prevents the possibility of the cheese from getting dry.

Addition of vinegar

The addition of vinegar serves as a milestone to avoid your soft-washed rind Vacherin cheese from going bad. A few drops of vinegar on the cheesecloth paper or a paper towel before storage saves it from the attack of deadly molds.

Can You Freeze Vacherin?

So, when we made you acknowledge enough about the storage methods to preserve this cheese, there is one thing which you may be wondering, and we know that, i.e., whether you can freeze it or not. Well, this depends upon its texture in general.

As mentioned earlier, Vacherin is soft cheese. We all know that hard cheeses stay well on freezing, but what about the softer ones like Vacherin? Unfortunately, freezing is not supported to store and preserve Vacherin cheese. However, if frozen, its use is restricted only to be added in cooking dishes.

How Long Does Vacherin Last?

Now, let’s take a look at Vacherin from another point of view and, I.e., its shelf life or how long it will last. From a general opinion, buying cheese in excess quantities is not recommended, especially for soft cheeses like Vacherin.

Vacherin cheese depending upon the conditions provided to it, exhibits different best by durations or shelf lives. However, keep in mind that it has a higher probability of going bad than hard cheeses because of its characteristic soft texture. Therefore, take special care of your Vacherin stock.

Now, if you refrigerate it properly onto the shelf lives, it lasts well for up to a week approximately. On the contrary, if you store and preserve it in a freezer, its texture is damaged pretty much. So, though it remains safe to add to your favorites, it is not good to consume it raw.

How To Tell If Vacherin Is Bad?

Now when you have reached the point that you are optimistic about storing a pack of Vacherin cheese. Though you try your level best to store the cheese well, even after that, there is always a chance of Vacherin going bad like any other soft cheese. Therefore, to ensure your health and hygiene, let’s turn an eye towards its spoilage. So, take a chill pill and read below,

  • Smell: The first sign that Vacherin cheese begins to give off after getting off is the bad smell coming from it. If it is as such, throw it straightaway.
  • Molds: If molds are visible on the surface of Vacherin, it too ascertains its spoilage.
  • Texture: Fresh stock of Vacherin is softer. However, if you seem to be observing Vacherin getting hard from its corners, there is no need to risk your health and replace it with fresh stock.