Does Ugli Fruit Go Bad

Does Ugli Fruit Go Bad?

A cross between orange and grapefruit forms Ugli fruit, and it is also known as Jamaican Tangelo. It has a very delicious and sweet taste and is loved a lot by people. Many people prefer Ugli fruit over oranges because it is easy to peel. People eat Ugli fruit raw, and they also use it for making fresh juices and shakes because it is too much juicy.

People who lobe the taste of Ugli fruit never want it to go bad. But just like oranges, another fruit, Ugli fruit, has a limited lifespan, and after some time, it will go bad. If you are looking for some helpful information about Ugli fruit, then luckily, you are at the right place as we have briefly discussed the storage, life, and spoilage of Ugli fruit below in this article.

How to Store Ugli Fruit?

Storing is one of the most important things to do after bringing any fruit to your home. Juicy fruits need more appropriate and better conditions so that they can last for a long time. If you do not store the Ugli fruit properly, you will not use them for a long time.

If you have stored oranges before, it will not be hard for you to extend the shelf life of Ugli fruits by storing them properly. There are many ways that you can follow to store the Ugli fruits, and some of the most appropriate ways to store Ugli fruits are given below:

Keep at room temperature

Ugli fruits have a short shelf life, but that does not mean that you cannot store them at room temperature. They can last for some time at room temperature. If you have bought some Ugli fruits and you don’t want to eat them within a day, then you can keep them at room temperature for some time.

You can store them in the pantry or the fruit basket and place them on your countertop. You can also place the Ugli fruit anywhere in your kitchen. It can last for some days at room temperature.

Store in refrigerator

If you have bought too many Ugli fruits and you want to use them for a long time, then the refrigerator will be the best place to store them for some time. The shelf life of Ugli fruit will extend if you will store them in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, they may lose their juiciness.

You can store the Ugli fruit as a whole in the fridge as well as peeling. The shelf life of peeled Ugli fruit might be a little shorter than the fresh one.

Store in freezer

To provide a long-lasting shelf life to the Ugli fruits so that you can enjoy their taste for a long time, store them in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Ugli Fruit?

Storing fruits in the freezer is not a difficult thing if you have stored one before. For long-term preservation and to increase the shelf life of a food product freezer is the best place for their storage. Whenever you are looking to store your fruits for a long time, you go for freezing. But can you also freeze Ugli fruit?

Just like oranges and other fruits, you can also extend the shelf life of Ugli fruit by storing it in the freezer. There are many ways to store the Ugli fruit in the freezer. You can freeze the peeled, unpeeled, sliced, and whole Ugli fruit in the freezer. Ensure to transfer the Ugli fruits in freezer bags or airtight containers before storing them in the freezer.

How Long Does Ugli Fruits Last?

It won’t be surprising to hear that Ugli fruit has a short shelf life, and it will not be easy to tell the exact shelf life of Ugli fruits as their shelf life depends on their storage. The better you store the Ugli fruits, the longer they will last.

Four days is a normal period for an Ugli fruit to stay fresh at room temperature, and if you store it for more than four days at room temperature, it will go bad. If you store the Ugli fruits in the refrigerator, they can stay fresh for almost two to three weeks, and the freezer will keep them fresh for almost a couple of months.

How to Tell If Ugli Fruits Are Bad?

Like other fruits, Ugli fruit will lose its taste, color, and smell whenever it goes bad. To whether your Ugli fruit is fresh or not, keep the following things in mind:

  • The appearance of mold or a dark spot on the surface of the fruit is one of the most common signs of spoilage. If you notice it on your Ugli fruit, get rid of them at once.
  • Taste the Ugli fruit to check its freshness; if it tastes bad, then it’s time to throw them away.
  • If your Ugli fruits have started to lose their pleasant fruity odor, then you should not use them.