Does Tonic Water Go Bad?

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Tonic water is a carbonated drink that is a perfect product to quench your thirst. It is the best non-alcoholic drink to be placed in your home bars and places like that. Tonic water was initially introduced with a high content of quinine and was used to prevent malaria. Later on, the quinine amount was reduced, and flavors were added to it. Now it is served as mouth-watering cocktails.

Carbonated drinks usually last long enough. The quality of these types of drinks remains good till they are unopened. After they are opened, the gas and fizz start to lose their strength. They do go bad, but it takes a long time.

There must be some old bottles of tonic water stored in your pantry, and you might be confused about whether they are good or not. Well, if you need an answer to that, carry on to read the article.

How to store Tonic Water?

Storing something properly is the first and foremost thing to keep the thing safe and good. The same is the case with carbonated drinks like tonic water. You have to store them properly to make them last longer.

The shelf life of tonic water is quite long if it is unopened. However, tonic water does not last longer than a week after opening. To keep tonic water fizzy, you have to follow the following steps to store it:

Store in the Pantry

You can keep your unopened bottles of tonic water in your pantry without being concerned. The quality will remain good as the new ones even after years. All you need to do is to make sure that the place is cool and dry.

You can keep the bottles in your kitchen cabinets, wine cellars, or shelves. Try to place them horizontally. In this way, the bottles will be safe.

Keep away from Heat Sources

Make sure that the bottles of the tonic water are placed away from all heat sources. The carbonated drinks, when contacted with heat sources, sometimes burst. Also, heat and light rays make the fizz and bubbles of the drinks to decrease.

Keep in the Refrigerator

The best place to store opened bottles of tonic water is the refrigerator. Although opened bottles will not remain good as long as the sealed bottles, you can refrigerate to make them stay long for a week. The refrigerator helps to keep the tonic water fizzy and bubbly.

The precaution you have to take before refrigerating the bottle is to close it tightly. Reseal the cork or the cap of the bottle tightly after every use.

Can you Freeze Tonic Water?

Freezing the tonic water is not recommended at all. As we know that it remains good at room temperature for years, what is the need to freeze it then?

Also, carbonated drinks like tonic water lose their fizziness upon defrosting. The drinks become flat, and you will not enjoy drinking them. So, freezing tonic water is not a good idea.

How long does Tonic Water last?

Generally, the shelf life of tonic water is quite long. It depends on the storage conditions and whether the bottle of tonic water is opened or not. Sealed bottles can be consumed beyond their expiry date, and they maintain their bubbly quality for years. They last for almost 5 to 8 years if they don’t meet unfavorable conditions. You can store them in your pantry without worry.

When it comes to opened bottles of tonic water, the shelf life is not as long as sealed ones. If the opened bottles are kept in the pantry, then they last a maximum of 2 days. After that, they wouldn’t remain good.

Whereas if the opened bottles are refrigerated and sealed tightly, the drink will remain fizzy and bubbly for up to a week.

How to tell if Tonic Water is Bad?

As discussed earlier, tonic water does not go bad for a long time. Only the fizz and bubbles start to lose their potency with time. This condition is not considered bad, i.e., the drink is safe to consume. But you will not experience the joy of bubbles, and the flavor does not hit your taste buds.

Following are some ways that you can possibly see if your tonic water has gone bad:

  • If you see that the bottle is cracked or unsealed for a long period, then harmful contaminants may have grown inside, toss the bottle right away.
  • Also, if the cork is loosened, the product might have gone flat. There is no need to use it anymore as the taste does not remain good.
  • Tonic water has a clear texture. If you see any type of discoloration inside then throw the bottle away.
  • Then comes the smell and taste; if they are bad too, then tonic water has definitely gone bad, and you have to throw it.