Does Tomato Juice Go Bad?

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Tomato juice is a delicacy enjoyed in different countries around the world. It is not cherished by everyone but still, most people like it. The tomato juice is a healthy, nutritious juice that can be enjoyed in breakfast; you can have it in snack-time, and you can also have it on the go.

Certainly, you can not store your tomato juice for an indefinite time. It will go bad after some time. This article will guide you about keeping your tomato juice.

How to store tomato juice?

The tomato juice has added preservatives to it, so it lasts a while in your pantry.  The storage conditions should be optimized for storing your tomato juice. The pasteurized tomato juice lasts a little longer than the un-pasteurized one. You need to know some tips and tricks to store your tomato juice properly.

The tomato juice is delicate and needs proper attention to be stored for a longer time. You can follow the following steps to keep your tomato juice.

Keep it away from heat and moisture

Tomato juice should be kept in a cool and dry place. Heat and moisture are its worst enemies and can spoil it soon. If your tomato juice is unopened and sealed, your pantry is the perfect place for it. It will have the right temperature conditions required by it.

You will have to keep your tomato juice away from sunlight. The tomato juice will gain heat energy from the sunlight. There could be mold formation in the tomato juice due to the warmth. It can spoil the tomato juice before its expiry date.

Refrigerate your tomato juice once opened

Your refrigerator is the best place for your tomato juice after it is opened. It can go stale outside the fridge within two days. You will not want to waste your favorite juice. So, it is better to place it in the refrigerator.

The cold environment of the fridge does not support the growth of bacteria and molds. The refrigerator also protects the fridge from environmental contamination, which sustains the life of your tomato juice.

Place the lid immediately after using the juice

It is advised to place the lid over your tomato juice. The tomato juice will spoil as a result of oxidation. It can go bad. There is an alteration in the taste, texture, and flavor of the tomato juice. To prevent any changes in the tomato juice, the lid should be placed on the top.

Can you freeze your tomato juice?

If you have an excess of tomato juice in your pantry, the perfect idea to store them for long is to freeze them. The tomato juice is preserved in there. If you buy cartons of tomato juice, you can pour them in a container first. The carton’s cardboard will bulge up in the freezer, which can spoil the rest of the tomato juice.

You can either use an airtight box or zip lock bag for this purpose. Try avoiding metal containers for your tomato juice since the metal will corrode from the juice’s acids. Ice cube trays are extremely handy for storing your tomato juice. You can transfer the frozen juice cubes to a bag for better organizing.

You can also try making popsicles out of your tomato juice. They will be great on a hot summer day.

How long does tomato juice last?

If you have freshly prepared tomato juice, it needs to be consumed in two or three days if kept in the refrigerator. You can store it for months if you keep it in the freezer.  The store-bought tomato juice would not go bad after a month passed its expiry date.

It has added preservatives to it, so it extends its shelf life. Once you have opened your tomato juice, you need to refrigerate it, and it should be consumed within ten days. Any more delay in its consumption will spoil it.

You can never doubt the storage life of your frozen tomato juice. They can sustain their freshness for a long time. You can not place them back in the freezer repeatedly after you thaw them.

How to tell if the tomato juice is bad?

The tomato juice is enjoyed fresh. The tomato juice has a limited shelf life like any other food product. You need to make sure that you always consume fresh and healthy juice. Stale juice can make anyone sick, and the condition could be very serious.

  • You need to look for the carton of your tomato juice. If it is mushy and looks gross, your tomato juice would have gone bad.
  • There will be discoloration in your tomato juice.
  • There will be mold growth in your tomato juice that tells you to throw the tomato juice away.
  • You will notice a strong stinky smell coming off your tomato juice.