Does Tequila Go Bad?

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Tequila, like other alcoholic items, such as wine, does not go bad for a year but under certain terms and conditions. But that doesn’t mean it will remain the same or will not deteriorate. The shelf-life of tequila is more. Therefore, you should follow the storage procedure properly to make it last longer.

A good quality tequila that you bought a while ago is without a doubt safe for drinking. Moreover, it will also taste similar to the newly bought it tequila. It will only go bad if you want it to; otherwise, the chances of it going substandard are almost zero because tequila falls under the category of distilled spirits.

How to store tequila?

Like wine, rum, or vodka, the process of storing tequila is almost the same and not difficult, but you need to be careful. Simultaneously, you follow the methods because if not followed accordingly, your tequila will not last long, the quality will be at stake.

Following are the few recommendations, if you do as advocated; your tequila will surely be fresh and good for a few months and even year, and they are;

Keep away from sunlight

Tequila shall be stored away from sunlight and any direct or indirect source of heat. If exposed to the sun, it will not taste the same compared to those that were not exposed to the sun.

Keep at a dry area

The temperature where you want to keep your tequila shall not be hot; it should be cold. It is suggested to keep the tequila in a space/area that is dry.

It is completely fine if you keep it at room temperature, but the best place where it could be safe is the kitchen pantry; it can be stored there for a year also. If the given temperature or area is not provided in the end, you will have to discard your tequila.

Keep the container tightly sealed

An important step is to keep your tequila sealed to prevent the process of oxidization in which compounds present in the alcohol will gradually change. If the bottle is opened, it is better to keep it tightly sealed for later use, or else the spirit will oxidize.

If tequila is not consumed in a large amount and its consumption is little, it is recommended that when the tequila is halfway through in the bottle be better transferred into a smaller bottle.

Can you freeze tequila?

There are several different opinions about either you should freeze your tequila or not. It is mostly recommended not to freeze the tequila because it will lose all the aroma and components it has after freezing.

It is suggested that it be kept at room temperature for better aroma and components it is made off. But it depends if the tequila is cheap; if it is of high quality, some advocate that the aroma will remain the same. But surely there are ways you can use your freezer. Don’t put your tequila in a compartment where you put peas.

How long does tequila last?

The answer is not that all kinds of spirits after they are poured into the bottle at the manufacturing time do not mature or improve; it remains the same even after that time.

Storing tequila for long will not add value to its quality, and if you opened the bottle and it did not taste good, it was like that from the start. Tequila has an indefinite shelf life. Therefore the opened bottle of tequila is advised to be used within a year; afterward, you can utilize the quality will not be at its peak.

Once the bottle is opened, then the tequila will start deteriorating. So if you want it to last longer, then the bottle shall be unopened or tightly sealed, but even the sealed bottle will last less than the bottle than in pin packed. Otherwise, it is recommended to throw it away after the bottle has exceeded the time limit.

How to tell if tequila is bad?

Following are the indications through which you can know if your tequila has gone bad or not, or utilized even after that.

  • The smell or aroma of tequila is one way to predict if it has gone bad. If tequila’s aroma is not how it was when you first opened the bottle, then rather than consuming it will be good to throw it right away.
  • If the aroma is okay and you still doubt it, try taking the small amount to check the taste; if it tastes okay, you can use it, but it tastes bad, discard the tequila.
  • As it is distilled spirit if not stored properly it will evaporate and the will not taste like normal.

Above mentioned methods can tell you if you can use the tequila and tequila if it has gone bad or not. The intuition of humans is good about sensing food.