Does Tatsoi Go Bad

Does Tatsoi Go Bad?

Tatsoi is a green-colored vegetable similar to spinach and native to China. Later it became popular in Korea and Japan; after that, it received global fame.

It has rounded leaves that vary in color from pale green to dark green, and it is used in various soups; its leaves are used in salads and stir-fries. Tatsoi has an earthy plus nutty flavor which adds uniqueness to your cuisines.

Tatsoi has a short life span, and it can go bad early within a few days, so always try to buy it in small quantities and use it within a week.

How To Store Tatsoi?

Tatsoi cannot remain good for too long, and you should store it with great care. But, first, you should buy the fresh leaves of tatsoi because if you bought soggy leaves, they would go bad earlier than you expect.

The second thing that you should do is never wash the leaves of tatsoi before storing it. It is very important because washing it beforehand can expose too much moisture to it, and the chances of your tatsoi leave going bad early can increase.

You can follow the methods listed below; they will be helpful to make your tatsoi last longer.

Wrap it Into Kitchen Towel:

You can store your tatsoi leaves for about 2-3 days after wrapping them into the paper towel. To do this, damp the paper towel, wrap it around your tatsoi leaves carefully, do not wrap them too tightly as it can cause wrinkling in the leaves, and the texture will be ruined. You can change the wrap when you notice that it become too thin or if it dries out.

After that, put it into the refrigerator or at your kitchen counter.

Keep it into a Plastic Bag:

You can keep your tatsoi leaves in zip-lock plastic bags. First, clean it with a paper towel and then put them into a plastic bag; make sure to close the zip properly and then refrigerate it.

You can also add a paper towel to the plastic bag to prevent moisture trapping, and keep changing this paper towel daily.

Your tatsoi can be used for a week this way.

Refrigerate it:

You can keep it in the refrigerator, and it will remain good for a week; you can opt for the plastic bag method for refrigerating your tatsoi leaves and place them into a crisper section.

Can You Freeze Tatsoi?

Your tatsoi leaves can be frozen and remain useable for 2-3 months, approximately after freezing. To do this, you should wash the leaves properly, boil them for exact 3 minutes, and pour the cold water on them immediately to stop the cooking process.

After that, put them into freezer bags and freeze them. Make sure to maintain gaps between them; otherwise, they will freeze in the form of one big lump, and it will be difficult for you to thaw them.

Keep the freezer bags closed to prevent them from freezer burns, and take them out half an hour before using.

How Long Does Tatsoi Last?

It depends on how well you store it; tatsoi leaves remain good for 2-3 days at room temperature if stored in a cool and dry place. You can also cover them with a damp paper towel to retain the moisture content. However, do not wrap them tightly because it can ruin the texture of your leaves.

You can keep them in the refrigerator for one week, put them in any plastic bag, and make sure to keep the zip of the bag closed. Tatsoi leaves can dry out and lose their crispy texture when they get exposed to a cold environment.

You can freeze your tatsoi leaves, and it can increase their shelf life for 2-3 months. Keep them in freezer bags, and you can wash them before freezing to avoid contamination. Even though tatsoi leaves have a short life span, they can be used for a long time if stored properly.

How To Tell If Tatsoi Go Bad?

Vegetables can be identified for spoilage, and you can always check for the following changes that can occur in tatsoi leaves when they are about to go bad,

  • Wrinkly leaves: If the leaves of your tatsoi become wrinkly, it means that they have started to spoil, and they will not give the same flavor in your cuisines as the fresh ones do.
  • Mold Growth: If you notice that tatsoi leaves have black spots on them, it shows mold growth, and consuming such types of vegetables can be a great threat to your health.
  • Offensive Odor: If you notice that the bag in which you kept your tatsoi leaves has a bad odor coming out of it, then you should discard them because they probably have gone bad.