Does Tangelo Go Bad

Does Tangelo Go Bad?

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Tangelo is a kind of citrus fruit. Its scientific name is Citrus x Tangelo. It’s a hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit. Tangelo has several health benefits for you. They are rich in fibers, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Fibers help digestion and healthy bowls. Vitamin C helps in the growth and repairing of tissues, and vitamin A helps boost the immune system.

Tangelo is easier to peel than oranges and grapefruits. Therefore, you can use them in your different types of recipes. Tangelo also helps you to lose weight because it has less quantity of calories than any other sweet.

How to Store Tangelo

As you know, tangelo has several benefits, so it’s necessary to store them by keeping them in a refrigerator. However, citrus fruits provide a protective barrier that makes storage easy. So here we are going to tell you some of the amazing methods of storing as described below.

Room Temperature

To store your tangelo at room temperature. Take a bowl of citrus fruit and put them in it. Do not cut them into pieces. Room temperature increases the ripening process compared to refrigeration, especially when you keep them on one another where air circulation decreases.


To store them in the refrigerator, you should keep them in a fruit crisper drawer without plastic bags to remain fresh for a long. Do not place them on open refrigerator shelves because it will decrease their quality and freshness due to constant contact with air without any protection, eventually making them last short.

Plastic Bags

We advise you not to keep tangelos in a plastic bag for fridge storage because compressed space will increase its ripening process. Besides it, you should use breathable bags, which will help get good air and moisture absorption.

Away from Sunlight

You can also increase the life of your tangelo by keeping them in the sunlight.  But you should avoid them from direct sunlight so that it remains fresh and juicy. Otherwise, it will dry quickly.


Freezing is a good method of storing, but long-term storage will be applied only to individual parts if you want to store whole tropical fruit. First of all, cut your tangelo in cubic shape, then place them in ice cube trays. After freezing, keep them in an airtight container, then keep them in a fridge. All these methods help you to remain tangelo fresh for a long period.

Can You Freeze Tangelo

Yes, you can freeze tangelo and other citrus fruits. Freezing is the best way of storage. One of the freezing methods is to put tangelos in a container, remove much air as possible and then store it.

If you want to store slices of tangelos, you can adopt three ways. First of all, cut tangelos into pieces. Second, place its cut pieces into a baking sheet that is lined with paper. The third and last thing to do is freeze it for an hour, then convert it into a safe container. You can also freeze by putting them in airtight plastic bags.

How Long Does Tangelo Last

Like other citrus fruits, tangelo will also last for a short time. Here we will discuss that how long your tangelo can last. At room temperature, tangelo lasts for 5-7 days.  In the fridge, it will last up to 2 weeks. In the freezer, it will last up to 4-5 days. Store it at a temperature of 45-48 degrees Fahrenheit.

The better the quality of fruit, the longer it can be last. Do not buy soft tangelos because they are old and already lost some of the moisture. So, if you buy this type of your tangelo, it will be spoiled soon.

But some of them may last up to 6 weeks depending on the factors like buying good quality, cultivating, and harvesting. Peeled tangelos and their juices will last for 3-4 days. Although frozen tangelos will not retain their freshness and become soft, they will last longer if you want to make different things with them.

How To Tell If Tangelo Is Bad

Tangelos retain their quality for few days, but after that, it becomes harmful for your body. So you should get rid of spoiled tangelo. Here we will tell you a few points that will help you indicate between the good and rotten fruit.

  • Losing Water: Mostly, your fruit becomes bad if it loses its water content. This is because of storing them in the freezer for a long time. So, when it loses its water, it becomes soft and becomes not suitable to eat.
  • Mold Formation: If you notice mold formation in your fruit due to moisture, get rid of it and not eat. But if the minute area is affected, cut the area and eat the remaining part of it.
  • Smell: Tangelo does not have a strong smell; its smell is slightly light. If you notice a bad smell in your fruit, then discard it and do not eat.