Does Szechuan Pepper Go Bad

Does Szechwan Pepper Go Bad?

There are different kinds of pepper in the world, but this one paper is the ultimate pepper. Szechwan pepper has a numbing and tingling effect. It is also known as Chinese prickly ash, Chinese pepper, mala pepper, and rattan pepper. It is used in one of the Chinese dishes called Sichuan cuisine.

Szechwan pepper contains many different nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that are very beneficial for your health. It may help stimulate circulation, improve immunity, strengthen the bones, reduce pain, strengthen the bones, help lower blood pressure, and improve vision health.

How to Store Szechwan Pepper

Due to its bundle of health benefits, you must try this excellent yet healthy pepper in your meals. Now, if you have already bought Szechwan pepper, you must know how you should store your pepper to increase its life and maintain its freshness.

This pepper is spices, and all the spices are generally used in the dry form. Read on to know more about the storage methods as we will tell you some of the important storage techniques; let’s have a look at them.

At Room Temperature

Any spices can be stored at room temperature without any problem so does Szechwan pepper. If you want to consume it within a couple of months, you can keep it in your kitchen at room temperature.

Away from Heat and Light

Szechwan Pepper can lose its freshness and aroma under certain circumstances; the extreme heat can cause it to get rot easily. So it’s better to keep it away from any source of heat, which could be direct sunlight or artificial light as well.

In Pantry

If you have unopened Sichuan pepper in your pantry, they may last there for three to four years. On the other hand, if it is opened, then it is recommended that you consume Szechwan pepper within one to two months if you want to get the full list of its flavor and aroma.

Keep in Refrigerator

The spices should be consumed within one to two months, but for some reason, if you want to keep them for the long term, you should either store them in a cool and dry place, or the best place is to put them in the refrigerator to keep them dry and stay away from moisture.


Another method to keep your Sichuan pepper for a very long time is the freezing method, as we know that Freezing anything increases its life. Szechwan pepper does not go bad or expire, but it will decrease its aroma and numbing effect with time.

Can You Freeze Szechwan Pepper

It is suggested to consume your Szechwan pepper within one to two months. If you want to store it for a long time, you should keep it away from any source of moisture. So, the best possible method to keep its aroma and numbing effect is to freeze it.

Szechwan paper does not go bad Like fruits or vegetables, but it will change its test and flavor if not stored under the proper conditions. So yes, you can freeze Szechwan pepper. The frozen Szechwan pepper can last for almost one year.

How Long Does Szechwan Pepper Last

The Szechwan pepper also expires as if you have noticed while you buy the pepper from the grocery store; the expiry date is always mentioned on its jar. But the expiry date for Szechwan pepper does not mean that it cannot be consumed after that date; it’s just an estimate from the manufacturer that the pepper will lose its peak quality after that date.

If you have unopened Szechwan paper stored in your pantry, it can last its best quality for almost three to four years. And if you have opened pepper, it’s better to consume it within one to two months or lose its high quality and lose its flavor and aroma. So, if you put it in the refrigerator or freezer, it can last there for one year.

How To Tell If Szechwan Pepper Is Bad

Sichuan pepper also goes bad under certain circumstances; first of all, it can get spoiled if it is exposed to direct sunlight or any heat source for a long time. The other thing is the moisture which can make it stale.

You cannot distinguish between the good and bad Szechwan pepper by just having a look at it. So, few other indications can tell you if your paper has gone bad or still well to go.

  • Aroma: The Szechwan pepper has a very distinguishable fragrance which you can notice while stir-frying it. So, the spoiled Szechwan pepper will losers its aroma.
  • Taste: You can also notice the condition of your Szechwan paper by testing it; it should not have a muddy taste. If you notice the change in the taste or your pepper goes tasteless, that indicates that your paper needs to be discarded and replaced.