Does Sweetsop Go Bad

Does Sweetsop Go Bad?

Sweetsop is a fruit native to America and West Indies, commonly known as a sugar apple or custard apple. It has a round shape with a yellow to green colored appearance.

It has a sweet custard-like taste; it has hard skin from the outside but a white pulp inside with a creamy texture. Sweetsop is used in beverages, desserts, tarts, and cakes. It has a short life span because of the presence of soft pulp inside, ripened sweetsop remains good for 1-2 days at room temperature, and you need to store it carefully to make it last longer.

How To Store Sweetsop

It has a short lifespan, and it should be stored properly to extend its shelf life. If you have decided to buy sweetsop, always try to buy it in a small quantity and use it in one day or two.

If you bought an unripe sweetsop, it would remain stable for 4-5 days at room temperature and one week in the refrigerator. It means that unripe ones can be stored for a long time as compared to ripe ones. Some ways are listed below with the help of which you can store them properly.

Storing Unripe Sweetsop

It is better to buy unripe sweetsops because they remain good for a long time. After you bought them, keep them in a cool and dry place. Always maintain gaps between them to prevent early spoilage.

If you want them to be ripe early, you can store them with fruits like bananas because bananas produce ethylene gas that can speed up the ripening process in sweetsops when they are stored together.

Keep It Away From Heat

Try to keep your sweetsops away from heat. If you are storing them at room temperature, make sure to maintain a cool environment around them because they can get spoiled if stored near the heat or direct sunlight.

Do not store them near the microwave because their heat can cause your sweetsops to spoil early when you use them.

Refrigerate It

As mentioned above, the sweetsops do not have a long life span, so it is better to store them in a refrigerator than at room temperature because it is very difficult to maintain a cool environment around your sweetsops without a refrigerator.

You can put them in any zip-lock plastic bag and make sure to close the zip properly to avoid moisture exposure, and then store them in a refrigerator.

Can You Freeze Sweetsop

It is considered the best option to make food items’ life span longer when it comes to freezing. But in some fruits like sweetsop, freezing them as a whole is not a good option, because when you want to defrost them, they will become very soft and watery, and their texture will be ruined completely.

But you can freeze the pulp of sweetsops, for this wash them very well, peel off the skin, and remove all the seeds, then put the pulp into a blender and blend it. This puree can be stored in a freezer for one year easily.

How Long Does Sweetsop Last

It depends on the type of sweetsop you have; if you have bought unripe sweetsop, it will remain good for 4-5 days at room temperature and one week in the refrigerator, while ripe ones remain good for only 1-2 days at room temperature and 3-4 days in the refrigerator if you kept them refrigerated from the first day you bought.

For ripe sweetsops, it is better to use all of them within 1-2 days, because they can get spoiled early and will be wasted if you have plenty of them. If unripe ones, you can use them within a week and always check them first if they are ripened or not, then use them because unripe ones are not that sweet as the ripe sweetsops.

Sweetsops are usually used in desserts, drinks, and tarts, so it is good to make the puree of them, and this puree can be freeze for a very long time of about one year.

How To Tell If Sweetsop Is Bad

It is easy to identify the spoilage in sweetsops, and you can check for the following changes that can occur in them when they are about to spoil or already spoiled,

  • Hard Skin: Usually, their skin is hard, but in spoiled ones, it becomes extremely hard, and when you press them a little, they will be drippy, throw these types of sweetsops because they are spoiled.
  • Black Coloration: If you notice that the yellowish-green color has turned black, it indicates spoilage, and never use them in your desserts or drinks.
  • Bad Smell: You can also check the health of your sweetsops by taking a sniff; if they do not smell good and a bad smell is coming out of them, it also shows that they have gone bad.