Does Summer Purslane Go Bad

Does Summer Purslane Go Bad?

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One of the most nutritious plants in the garden, a summer purslane js native to North Africa, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. It is a nutritious green leafy vegetable and serves a versatile number of uses.

Its stems, leaves, and flower buds can be eaten as either raw or cooked. In comparison to other leafy vegetables, it is believed to contain the highest levels of Vitamin A. It also prevents the probability of lung and oral cavity cancer. Rather than the benefits that this leafy vegetable offers, it goes bad if not stored properly.

How To Store Summer Purslane

As we just discussed above, summer purslane is important from a nutritional and useful perspective. This vegetable is a perfect addition to your salads. Besides that, the summer purslane vegetable is stir-fried, cooked like spinach. It is also used to enhance the taste of soups and stews.

Despite all the advantages of this green vegetable, there is a period after which the summer purslane vegetable begins to spoil eventually. Therefore, let’s continue reading our article so that the next time you do not feel like throwing it in your bin after spoilage.

Keep It Unwashed

Before telling you various methods of its storage, let us tell you one thing which is the most important factor in determining the shelf life of this vegetable. And that is not to wash it when you do not intend to consume it right away.

In The Refrigerator

The foremost method of storage for your summer purslane is to keep it inside your refrigerator drawer. After picking it from the garden, take a plastic bag and place it inside it. This storage technique allows it to last for a couple of days.

In The Freezer

Another frequently used method for storing summer purslane stock is to place it inside the freezer. Keeping it in the freezer provides a comparatively greater shelf life than the use of refrigeration techniques. The details of this process we will be discussing with you shortly.

Dry it

One more method of storing it is to dry it and preserve it for later use in smoothies. To dry and store the summer purslane this way, you need to go through several steps. First, for drying purposes, proper cleaning of the vegetable is mandatory. Then, spread the leaves on a sheet and dry them using the oven.

Can You Freeze Summer Purslane

Freezing is an old method of preservation, opting for various vegetables to help them attain a maximum shelf life. Yes, this method may be opted to preserve stock of summer purslane for a longer duration of time. The freezing process increases the shelf life up to a couple of months.

To freeze it, it first needs to be washed thoroughly and made dirt-free. Following that, dry the vegetable using a paper towel or a colander. Drying it before the freezing process prevents the probability of freezer burn. For freezing purposes, you may consider heavy-duty freezer bags.

How Long Does Summer Purslane Last

For how long your summer purslane stock remains in its best quality and texture depends on its quality at the time of purchase and storage conditions; you can provide it. Certainly, if it is stored as stated accordingly, it will last for a longer duration. Also, the fresh stock will last for an even longer duration of time, unlike the other.

Under the influence of different conditions, the summer purslane shows a range of shelf lives. At room temperature, it lasts only for a day or two maximum. However, if refrigerated all of the time by following the method above, its shelf life enhances to 3 to 4 days. Whereas, in the freezer, its stock remains at its best quality for up to 1 year. To adopt either of the methods of storage the way you like.

How To Tell If Summer Purslane Is Bad

The final aspect which needs to be included in this piece of writing about the summer purslane is its signs of spoilage. To maintain your health and hygiene standards, a deeper insight into that is too necessary. For this purpose, we are mentioning some of the signs seen for the rotten purslane.

  • Texture: Summer purslane leaves that have gone bad or are just about to enter that state develop a soft and limp texture throughout.
  • Appearance: Brown color appearance is also one of the few signs of spoilage of this delicious green leafy vegetable.
  • Smell: An off smell or odor also indicates that summer purslane is not fit enough to be brought into use.
  • Taste: Seldom times, all of the above signs seem to be okay. However, there is an off indication of your taste buds. If that is the case, replace it with fresh stock.