Does Sriracha Go Bad?

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Sriracha is a dipping sauce that is particularly used for seafood. It is a condiment for some dishes and used as a topping. Some say that this dipping sauce is addictive. The reason behind it is the two-chemical compound, capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin, that trick our nervous system.

This sauce, surprisingly, is moderately spicy. It is one of the best sauces as it tastes good on everything. If you are an avid hot sauce consumer, you must bring four to five bottles to use in every meal. This sauce lasts so long that many companies don’t even put an expiry date on bottles. It is safe to consume within three years.

Despite longer shelf life, theoretically, yes, sriracha does go bad. But a person who likes this sauce will be able to finish it within three years.

How to store sriracha?

We should store sriracha sauce the same way you keep other hot sauces. Although it has a long shelf life, being provided by accurate methods for storing is always required. Read the article down to know the way to keep sriracha.

Store in a cool and dark place

It would be best if you kept sriracha in a cool place. Avoid contact with areas of heat. Please make sure you put them away from the heat source to keep it save from turning bad.

Exposing sriracha to places where the temperature keeps on fluctuating for a prolonged period may affect the quality. You can store this sauce at room temperature.

Store in pantry

Make sure you keep it away from any source of heat, like an oven. If you wonder whether it’s safe to put it in some kitchen cabinet or pantry, it’s good news for you because sriracha would sit great there. A kitchen cabinet or pantry is the best option to opt for storing sriracha.

Once the bottle is opened, it’s important to store it with great care. For that, you need to check if it is always sealed tightly. If not, what are you waiting for? Seal it tightly asap. Sriracha must be kept tightly closed when it’s not in use.


Does it make sense to you to store the hot sauce like sriracha in your fridge? Not holding the hot sauce in the refrigerator is fine if you want to keep it for an extended time. Sriracha contains vinegar to retain its quality better than the other hot sauces and, to be honest, doesn’t need refrigeration.

An opened bottle of sriracha sauce stays good in the refrigerator for up to two-plus years. Its flavor turns even hotter than the longer it sits. If you can’t bear the heat, you can always slow the process by refrigerating the bottle. A refrigerator is, however, not recommended.

Can we freeze sriracha?

Whatever the hot sauce is your vice, you should use it before it gets bad. We would gain nothing nor more shelf life by freezing this hot sauce, neither we can preserve its quality for a longer period.

Bacteria don’t find an area with a high concentration of acid favorable to thrive on, so the vinegar in our sriracha sauce, which works like an acid, helps the sauce retain its quality for long keeps it safe from bacteria.

We can put this sauce in the freezer for freezing but can’t demand enhanced shelf life or better-quality return. Freezing this hot sauce is possible, but it gives nothing as you store them in the kitchen cabinet, pantry or refrigerator.

How long does sriracha last?

Vinegar and chilli pepper help this sauce a lot to retain its taste quality for a long time compared to other hot sauces, but still, there is always a time when we think about whether the dressing is stored in our pantry our fridge is still fine to be consumed.

The best-by date labelled on the bottle makes it easy for you, but it is just a rough estimate of how long sriracha remains fresh like all hot sauces. Sriracha last for months past the date mentioned on the bottle.

Once you opened the bottle, it will stay good for a long depending on how you manage to store it. This sauce lasts for some months at room temperature, wherein your fridge will live for more than two years. Make sure to keep it tightly closed when not in use.

How to tell if sriracha is bad?

It’s more likely that we throw sriracha because it decreased quality by the time, not because it has turned bad. Though this sauce won’t go bad easily, you can expect some changes.

  • The color of sriracha will switch to muted dark red from vibrant red. It takes quite a long for sriracha to change the color, so the bottle is either finished or gone. This process accelerates due to much exposure to sunlight or heat. For that, it is better to keep the bottle in the dark and cold.
  • When it comes to spoilage of hot sauces, mold formation or other organic growth is usual.
  • The foul aroma and drastic change in the texture are also signs to indicate the spoilage of food.