Does Soursop Go Bad?

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It is also called ”Annona” and is found in tropical climates. This fruit belongs to the Annonaceae family. This plant is usually grown at lower altitudes. This an evergreen or semi-evergreen plant and usually go up to 13 to 14 meters in height. It’s a tropical fruit to survive in almost every weather, provided the climate is not too harsh.

Though it is fruit and edible, it is still considered tasteless. It has bitter or sour flesh. It is also used in verities of traditional medicines in the Caribbean and South America. Few herbalists considered it as a cure for cancer as well.

How to Store Soursop

Well, now that you have bought soursop and thinking of consuming it within few days or keeping it for more than a couple of days. You might also need to keep it for a long time; in that case, you might wonder how you can save your fruit and make it last longer.

For that purpose, the first and most important thing to keep in mind is how you can store it. There are many storage techniques that you can opt to preserve your soursop for later use. If you want to know about those techniques, read through the article.

Selection of Fruit

Before you buy it, you have to check the color of the fruit. A fully ripped fruit is in yellowish. The unripe soursop is not. Harmful for your health. But The fruit needs to be ripped before you consume it.

The ripped fruit has a firm feel, so you have to check it while gently pressing the texture. Look for the bruises or blemishes on the surface, and if you found any of them, don’t buy them.

In the Refrigerator

The best way to preserve anything to make it last long is to refrigerate it. So, store your fruit for soursop by putting it in a vegetable drawer or a plastic container and then putting it in a refrigerator.

At Room Temperature

If you want to consume your fruit within a couple of days, you can put it at room temperature but make sure it is not stored in a hot place or under direct sunlight because it can make your fruit spoiled within no time.

In Airtight Container

If you want to store your wild soursop in the form of slices, then you need to store it or refrigerate it in an airtight container or a sealed zip bag because it will protect the fruit from air oxidizing.

Can You Freeze Soursop

Everything that needs to be stored for a long time has to be frozen. While talking about whether your soursop can be frozen or not, yes, you can freeze soursop. You cannot freeze the fruit in a raw form or the form of flesh because if you do so, the fruit will stick to its flesh after you thaw it and become soggy.

There’s a different freezing method that you need to consider and is very best for your fruit; you have to freeze the pulp of your soursop. There is another method to make the puree of your fruit, and then you can freeze it. Some people like to freeze it in the form of Juice as well.

How Long Does Soursop Last

Every fruit has a specific lifespan, after which it goes bad or expires. Even if you follow the proper storage techniques, it can still go bad at a particular time; the only thing that can increase the life of your fruit is to store it in the proper condition and choose the proper storage methods.

If your fruit is unripe, it needs to be stored at room temperature, which can last for four to five days.  But storing the ripe fruit at room temperature will make only two days. Well, if you are keeping your fruit in a refrigerator, it can last for up to a week, provided the temperature is kept constant.

Freezing your fruit can make it last very long; if it is stored in the form of puree or the form of pulp, it won’t go bad for more than three months.

How to Tell If Soursop Is Bad

Every fruit will go bad at a certain time, whether it is kept in proper storage conditions. But if you keep your fruit on your shelf or in your fridge, you might wonder how you can distinguish between healthy and spoiled soursop.

Let’s have a look at a few of the indications.

  • Smell: When your fruit has gone bad, it will start smelling bad.
  • Texture: If you see the deterioration and texture of your fruit, it is clear that your fruit has gone bad now.
  • Color: The spoiled soursop changes its color from yellow to white and gray.